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M G Bilbao, M P Di Yorio and A G Faletti

increase in MMP activity but inhibits progesterone and other mediators, as described previously ( Ricci et al . 2006 ). However, both effects are simultaneous with an increase in the expression of the ovarian leptin receptors ( Di Yorio et al . 2008

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Piya Sen Gupta, Natalia V Prodromou and J Paul Chapple

lost from the POMC expressing neurons in the knockout mice, leading the authors to conclude neuronal cilia function in a pathway regulating the satiety response ( Davenport et al . 2007 ). Leptin receptor signaling is impaired in BBS Rahmouni et al

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Candida N Perera, Hwei G Chin, Nadire Duru and Ignacio G Camarillo

concentrations of leptin are elevated during late pregnancy, a time of intense increase in mammary epithelial growth and proliferation ( Henson & Castracane 2000 ). It has been reported that in normal mammary tissues, epithelial leptin receptor expression

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Russell T Turner, Kenneth A Philbrick, Carmen P Wong, Dawn A Olson, Adam J Branscum and Urszula T Iwaniec

inability to generate leptin ( ob/ob mice) or the signaling form of the leptin receptor ( db/db mice and fa/fa rats), become morbidly obese ( Clement 2000 ). Their excess weight is the result of a combination of hyperphagia and reduced thermogenesis

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Simon J Dunmore and James E P Brown

some of the conflicting reports. This type of response is also consistent with the cytokine receptor-like nature of the leptin receptor and signalling cascade. We also demonstrated that leptin decreased uncoupling protein 2 ( UCP2 ) expression in these

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Xiaonan Yan, Chun Yuan, Nannan Zhao, Yugui Cui and Jiayin Liu

neurons in the hypothalamic ARC of pubertal female rats coexpress the leptin receptor. The 6-week-old PNA ( n =6) and control rats ( n =6) were anesthetized and perfused with ice-cold normal saline, followed by 4% paraformaldehyde for brain collection

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Erin Faught and Mathilakath M Vijayan

product Forward (5′–3′) Reverse (5′–3′) Source lepr Leptin receptor GGTCTCACTGCCTGTCCATT AGATGGTGCTGCTCCACT Liu et al. 2010 lepa Leptin TCGTCAGAATCAGGGAACAC CCCAATGATGAGCGTTGGA Liu et al. 2012 mstnb

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Charlotte Benoit, Hassina Ould-Hamouda, Delphine Crepin, Arieh Gertler, Laurence Amar and Mohammed Taouis

prepared from RLA ( Salomon et al . 2006 ) by monopegylation according to the protocol described by Elinav et al . (2009) for leptin antagonists. It is specific for leptin receptor only and binds to leptin receptors from all mammalian species. Though

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A Boelen, J Kwakkel, X G Vos, W M Wiersinga and E Fliers

metabolism during fasting. The anterior pituitary expresses both leptin and leptin receptors in TSH-producing cells ( Jin et al. 2000 ). Furthermore, incubation of rat pituitary cells with leptin results in an increase of TSHβ mRNA expression ( Chowdhury

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Tracy Josephs, Hayley Waugh, Ilona Kokay, David Grattan and Mary Thompson

& Bell GI 1997 Increase in serum leptin and uterine leptin receptor messenger RNA levels during pregnancy in rats. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 237 476 –480. Chen MP , Chung FM, Chang