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Russell T Turner, Michael Dube, Adam J Branscum, Carmen P Wong, Dawn A Olson, Xiaoying Zhong, Mercedes F Kweh, Iske V Larkin, Thomas J Wronski, Clifford J Rosen, Satya P Kalra and Urszula T Iwaniec

, cancellous bone remodeling continues throughout adult life in skeletally mature rats ( Iwaniec & Turner 2013 ). An imbalance between bone formation and bone resorption is responsible for persistent bone loss during aging in both species. The trend for age

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Stefano Zanotti, Lisa Stadmeyer, Anna Smerdel-Ramoya, Deena Durant and Ernesto Canalis

(Microm, Richards-Allan Scientific, Kalamazoo, MI, USA) and stained with 0.1% toluidine blue or von Kossa. Static parameters of bone formation and resorption were measured in a defined area between 181 and 1080 μm from the growth plate, using an

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Louise Grahnemo, Caroline Jochems, Annica Andersson, Cecilia Engdahl, Claes Ohlsson, Ulrika Islander and Hans Carlsten

measured by μCT was decreased in dex-treated compared with vehicle-treated ovx mice ( Fig. 2 F). In these mice, bone formation and resorption were assessed by serum analysis of osteocalcin and CTX1, and dex clearly decreased levels of the two markers in ovx

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M Alexandra Sorocéanu, Dengshun Miao, Xiu-Ying Bai, Hanyi Su, David Goltzman and Andrew C Karaplis

. Rosiglitazone negatively influences bone formation Decreases in bone volume can arise either from an increase in bone resorption or a decrease in bone formation, processes that are regulated primarily by osteoclasts and osteoblasts, respectively. We

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Gerard Karsenty

postmenopausal women ( Riggs et al . 1998 , 2002 , Khosla et al . 2001 , Khosla & Riggs 2005 , Nakamura et al . 2007 ). After menopause, an imbalance between rates of bone formation and bone resorption, favoring the latter, leads to an accelerated bone

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Bernardo Nuche-Berenguer, Daniel Lozano, Irene Gutiérrez-Rojas, Paola Moreno, María L Mariñoso, Pedro Esbrit and María L Villanueva-Peñacarrillo

bony effect of fat is particularly evident in the bone marrow milieu of aging and osteoporotic subjects, which shows high adiposity and decreased osteoblastic differentiation and bone formation ( Rodriguez et al . 1999 , Verma et al . 2002 , Rosen

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Rakefet Pando, Majdi Masarwi, Biana Shtaif, Anna Idelevich, Efrat Monsonego-Ornan, Ron Shahar, Moshe Phillip and Galia Gat-Yablonski

modeling As the effect of refeeding on bone structure was very rapid, we studied both bone resorption and bone formation at 1 day of refeeding. Specific staining for active osteoclasts (TRAP) – which have the unique ability to resorb mineralized bone

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Jessica L Pierce, Ke-Hong Ding, Jianrui Xu, Anuj K Sharma, Kanglun Yu, Natalia del Mazo Arbona, Zuleika Rodríguez-Santos, Paul J Bernard, Wendy B Bollag, Maribeth H Johnson, Mark W Hamrick, Dana L Begun, Xing-Ming Shi, Carlos M Isales and Meghan E McGee-Lawrence

from the mice to quantify markers of bone formation and resorption. Circulating markers were verified in a site-specific fashion through histomorphometric measurements of metaphyseal trabecular bone in the proximal tibia (TRAP staining) and distal femur

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Richard C Lindsey, Catrina Godwin and Subburaman Mohan

Introduction Osteoporosis, a debilitating condition in which an increase in bone resorption is not adequately compensated by a corresponding increase in bone formation, leading to net loss of bone mass and microarchitectural deterioration

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Niklas Andersson, Ulrika Islander, Emil Egecioglu, Elin Löf, Charlotte Swanson, Sofia Movérare-Skrtic, Klara Sjögren, Marie K Lindberg, Hans Carlsten and Claes Ohlsson

compartment. The bone sparing effects of estrogen in rodents are believed not only to be mediated through inhibition of bone resorption, but also through stimulation of bone formation ( Chow et al. 1992 ). However, some studies indicate that the effects of