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D A Zieba, M Szczesna, B Klocek-Gorka, E Molik, T Misztal, G L Williams, K Romanowicz, E Stepien, D H Keisler and M Murawski

, and modulates adipose tissue lipid metabolism in adipocytes ( Symonds & Clarke 1998 ). However, leptin receptors (LR) on lactotrophs are scarce, and leptin infusion into the arcuate nucleus (ARC) and median eminence stimulates PRL secretion. This

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Kenneth A Philbrick, Stephen A Martin, Amy R Colagiovanni, Adam J Branscum, Russell T Turner and Urszula T Iwaniec

perimeters). Bone resorption is reduced in leptin-deficient ob/ob mice and leptin receptor-deficient db/db mice due to impaired osteoclast function ( Turner et al . 2013 , 2014 ). Bone formation is also reduced in leptin-signaling-deficient mice due

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Anshu Gupta, Malathi Srinivasan, Supaporn Thamadilok and Mulchand S Patel

in suckling rats have demonstrated changes in expression of NPY and AgRP in the hypothalamus in association with hyperphagia and increased adiposity ( Plagemann 2005 ). The mRNA levels of long form of leptin receptor (OB-Rb), NPY and AgRP were

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Feng Ye, Aung Than, Yanying Zhao, Kian Hong Goh and Peng Chen

complex metabolic signaling. Although leptin receptors in the hypothalamus is considered as the major mediator of leptin functions, leptin receptors have been found ubiquitously in most other tissues including adipose ( Kielar et al . 1998 ). This

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M J Devlin, D J Brooks, C Conlon, M van Vliet, L Louis, C J Rosen and M L Bouxsein

similarly heterogeneous. The finding that leptin receptor ( Lepr ) deletion in osteoblasts had no effect on murine skeletal phenotype implied little direct effect of leptin on osteoblasts ( Shi et al . 2008 ). However, Zhou and coworkers recently reported

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Yun Wang, Yue Zheng, Patsy M Nishina and Jürgen K Naggert

2 diabetes, and dyslipidemia, we are still at an early stage in understanding MS as a complex disorder. Traditionally, leptin-deficient ( Lep ob ) and leptin receptor-deficient ( Lepr db ) mice, representing extremes of obesity syndromes, have been

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Antonio Gonzalez-Bulnes, Susana Astiz, Cristina Ovilo, Clemente J Lopez-Bote, Raul Sanchez-Sanchez, Maria L Perez-Solana, Laura Torres-Rovira, Miriam Ayuso and Jorge Gonzalez

developing countries; i.e. a background of exposure to harsh environments and food scarcity and an adaptive thrifty genotype giving way to obesity in the event of food excess. In fact, the Iberian pigs are homozygous for a leptin receptor gene polymorphism

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Rodolfo C Cardoso, Bruna R C Alves, Ligia D Prezotto, Jennifer F Thorson, Luis O Tedeschi, Duane H Keisler, Marcel Amstalden and Gary L Williams

), leptin's influence on the metabolic control of reproductive maturation is probably relayed by intermediate pathways. Neuropeptide Y (NPY) neurons in the arcuate nucleus (ARC) contain the leptin receptor ( Baskin et al . 1999 ), play an orexigenic role in

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Christophe Breton

of this key transcription factor of the leptin receptor signalling pathway highly suggests a leptin-resistant state. These mechanisms may contribute to the hypothalamic upregulation of orexigenic pathways associated with blunted activation of the

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Yi Lin and Zhongjie Sun

( Bell & Hye 1983 ). db/db mouse The db/db (diabetic) mouse is originally derived from an autosomal recessive mutation on chromosome 4 in mice of C57BL/KSJ strain ( Shafrir 2003 ). The mutation is in db gene, which encodes for leptin receptors. Db/db mice