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M K Piya, P G McTernan and S Kumar

. ↑ Preadipocyte cell proliferation, as with TNFα Sporn et al . (1987) and Fain et al . (2005) MCP1 Increases insulin resistance, macrophage infiltration in adipose tissue and hepatic steatosis Secreted by WAT ↑ ob/ob and db/db mice. ↑ In obesity, T2DM and

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Milos Mraz and Martin Haluzik

migration ( Gerhardt et al . 2001 , Christiansen et al . 2005 ). Overexpression of MCP1 leads to ATM infiltration, IR, and liver steatosis without increasing body weight, while deletion of MCP1 or macrophage CCR2 reduces ATM numbers in AT and improves

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Folami Y Ideraabdullah, Anthony M Belenchia, Cheryl S Rosenfeld, Seth W Kullman, Megan Knuth, Debabrata Mahapatra, Michael Bereman, Edward D Levin and Catherine A Peterson

generation offspring of VDD dams displayed greater body and epididymal fat mass ( Nascimento et al. 2013 ). These mice also had increased insulin secretion when given an oral glucose challenge and showed marked hepatic steatosis. An in utero VDD Sprague

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Haijiang Wu, Xinna Deng, Yonghong Shi, Ye Su, Jinying Wei and Huijun Duan

inhibitor ameliorates hepatic steatosis by improving ER stress and inflammation in a type 2 diabetic mouse model . PLoS ONE 10 e0120711 . ( doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0120711 ) Knutti D Kaul A Kralli A 2000 A tissue-specific coactivator of

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Jarrad M Scarlett, Darren D Bowe, Xinxia Zhu, Ayesha K Batra, Wilmon F Grant and Daniel L Marks

pronounced liver steatosis, we did not observe liver steatosis in the Band-AGRP rats. In summary, our data suggest that the central melanocortin system, a neural integrator of hormone and cytokine signaling that regulates feeding behavior, linear growth, and

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Hong Ma, Jin Yuan, Jinyu Ma, Jie Ding, Weiwei Lin, Xinlei Wang, Mingliang Zhang, Yi Sun, Runze Wu, Chun Liu, Cheng Sun and Yunjuan Gu

has shown that deficiency of JNK1 in hepatocytes exhibits glucose intolerance, insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis ( Sabio et al. 2009 ). One explanation is that the kinase activity of JNK2 may be stimulated in the Jnk1 −/− liver, although the

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Juliana Gastão Franco, Egberto Gaspar de Moura, Josely Correa Koury, Paula Affonso Trotta, Aline Cordeiro, Luana Lopes Souza, Norma Aparecida dos Santos Almeida, Natália da Silva Lima, Carmen Cabanelas Pazos-Moura, Patrícia Cristina Lisboa and Magna Cottini Fonseca Passos

addition, moderate overexpression of SIRT1 protected cells from oxidative stress ( Csiszar et al . 2006 , Alcendor et al . 2007 , Lee et al . 2009 ), and hepatic SIRT1 action attenuated hepatic steatosis, inflammation, and oxidative stress

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Seul Gi Kang, Hyon-Seung Yi, Min Jeong Choi, Min Jeong Ryu, Saetbyel Jung, Hyo Kyun Chung, Joon Young Chang, Yong Kyung Kim, Seong Eun Lee, Hyeon-Woo Kim, Hoil Choi, Dong Seok Kim, Ju Hee Lee, Koon Soon Kim, Hyun Jin Kim, Chul-Ho Lee, Yuichi Oike and Minho Shong

, defects in which are implicated as causes of hepatic steatosis, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. The mitochondrial DNA copy number is decreased by aging and increasing body mass index and is also positively associated with insulin

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Takuro Okamura, Yoshitaka Hashimoto, Takafumi Osaka, Takafumi Senmaru, Takuya Fukuda, Masahide Hamaguchi and Michiaki Fukui

. Journal of Diabetes Investigation 242 – 246 . ( ) Hashimoto Y Osaka T Fukuda T Tanaka M Yamazaki M Fukui M 2016 The relationship between hepatic steatosis and skeletal muscle mass index in men with type

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Alex M DePaoli

diagnosed by biopsy and histological assessment. After treatment with recombinant leptin for a mean of 6.6 months, repeat histological examinations showed significant improvements in steatosis ( P =0.006) and ballooning injury ( P =0.005), with a reduction