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Gulizar Issa Ameen and Silvia Mora

-Vieira et al . 2014 ) or pharmacologic elevation of serum RBP4 causes insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis in mice ( Lee et al . 2016 ). Recent studies in transgenic mice models overexpressing Rbp4 gene in adipose tissue have revealed that RBP4 causes

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A Feraco, A Armani, R Urbanet, A Nguyen Dinh Cat, V Marzolla, F Jaisser and M Caprio

2010 Spironolactone improves glucose and lipid metabolism by ameliorating hepatic steatosis and inflammation and suppressing enhanced gluconeogenesis induced by high-fat and high-fructose diet . Endocrinology 151 2040 – 2049 . ( https

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Isis Gabrielli Barbieri de Oliveira, Marcos Divino Ferreira Junior, Paulo Ricardo Lopes, Dhiogenes Balsanufo Taveira Campos, Marcos Luiz Ferreira-Neto, Eduardo Henrique Rosa Santos, Paulo Cezar de Freitas Mathias, Flávio Andrade Francisco, Bruna Del Vechio Koike, Carlos Henrique de Castro, André Henrique Freiria-Oliveira, Gustavo Rodrigues Pedrino, Rodrigo Mello Gomes and Daniel Alves Rosa

a high-fat diet. Other researchers have shown that increased oxidative stress is involved in the pathogenesis of hypertension, dyslipidemia and liver steatosis ( Roberts & Sindhu 2009 ). Oxidative stress can occur as a result of increased ROS

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Camila Martinez Calejman, Juan M Di Gruccio, María E Mercau, Esteban M Repetto, Francisco Astort, Rocío Sanchez, Matías Pandolfi, Gabriela Berg, Laura Schreier, Pablo Arias and Cora B Cymeryng

accumulation has been detected in nonadipose tissues as pancreas, kidneys, blood vessels, skeletal muscle, and heart. In this sense, Zago et al . (2010) demonstrated an increase in liver weight and moderate hepatic micro- and macrovesicular steatosis in

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Ricardo Rodríguez-Calvo, Josefa Girona, Josep M Alegret, Alba Bosquet, Daiana Ibarretxe and Lluís Masana

). Cardiac steatosis has been found in subjects with dilated cardiomyopathy ( Graner et al . 2014 ), and pericardial fat accumulation is independently correlated with left ventricular (LV) mass and is inversely correlated with LV mid-wall stress

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S J Brandt, M Kleinert, M H Tschöp and T D Müller

liraglutide alone and also improves lipid metabolism and hepatic steatosis ( Choi et al. 2017 , Kim et al. 2017 ). A third example, Syn-GIP-ZP, is a triple agonist created by fusing a GLP-1R/GCGR dual agonist and a GIP analog to the heavy and light

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Daniela Álvarez, Karina Ceballo, Sofía Olguín, Jonathan Martinez-Pinto, Manuel Maliqueo, Daniela Fernandois, Ramón Sotomayor-Zárate and Gonzalo Cruz

Introduction Maternal obesity is associated with various endocrine and metabolic disorders in offspring, including obesity ( Paliy et al. 2014 ), hepatic steatosis ( Oben et al. 2010 , Mouralidarane et al. 2013 ), diabetes mellitus

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Meng Guo, Yuna Li, Yan Wang, Zhenkun Li, Xiaohong Li, Peikun Zhao, Changlong Li, Jianyi Lv, Xin Liu, Xiaoyan Du and Zhenwen Chen

.12963 ) Huang W Bansode R Mehta M Mehta KD 2009 Loss of protein kinase Cbeta function protects mice against diet-induced obesity and development of hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance . Hepatology 1525 – 1536 . (

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Alvaro Souto Padron, Ruy Andrade Louzada Neto, Thiago Urgal Pantaleão, Maria Carolina de Souza dos Santos, Renata Lopes Araujo, Bruno Moulin de Andrade, Monique da Silva Leandro, João Pedro Saar Werneck de Castro, Andrea Claudia Freitas Ferreira and Denise Pires de Carvalho

therapeutic tool to overcome liver steatosis and insulin resistance; hence, it is tempting to speculate as to whether its chronic administration could lead to thyroid dysfunction, thus affecting other organs that do not respond to 3,5-T2. In this study, we

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Aline Cordeiro, Luana Lopes de Souza, Lorraine Soares Oliveira, Larissa Costa Faustino, Letícia Aragão Santiago, Flavia Fonseca Bloise, Tania Maria Ortiga-Carvalho, Norma Aparecida dos Santos Almeida and Carmen Cabanelas Pazos-Moura

persistent c-Jun N-terminal kinase 1 (JNK1) activation contributes to hepatic steatosis in obesity . Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 22227 – 22234 . ( doi:10.1074/jbc.M111.228874 ) Guigon CJ Zhao L Lu C Willingham MC Cheng SY 2008