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Geoffrey Raisman

been shown that both the presence of an ovulatory inducing mechanism and the development of sex-specific behaviour patterns in the rat brain are not determined by the genetic sex of the rat (XX or XY) but by the production of circulating sex steroids by

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Joke Delbaere, Pieter Vancamp, Stijn L J Van Herck, Nele M A Bourgeois, Mary J Green, Richard J T Wingate and Veerle M Darras

brain development ( Wirth et al . 2014 ). Here, we used the chicken cerebellum as a model to investigate the effects of early MCT8 deficiency on PC differentiation in more detail and find out how this affects cerebellar development. PC dendritic

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Marian Joëls and E Ronald de Kloet

, evidence was mounting that there had to be an MR-like receptor co-existing with the classical glucocorticoid receptors (GRs) in the brain. This was discovered in seminal binding studies using 3 H-corticosterone in the absence or presence of the unlabeled

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J Svensson, M Diez, J Engel, C Wass, Å Tivesten, J-O Jansson, O Isaksson, T Archer, T Hökfelt and C Ohlsson

important for the development of the brain, and to definitely confirm that there was no interference with brain development, the LI-IGF-I −/− mice aged 18 months at the water maze trials were inactivated at 10 weeks of age. Seven days after the

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Vishwajit Sur Chowdhury, Takayoshi Ubuka, Tomohiro Osugi, Taichi Shimura and Kazuyoshi Tsutsui

inhibits gonadal development and maintenance by decreasing gonadotropin synthesis and release in quail brain . Endocrinology 147 1187 – 1194 doi:10.1210/en.2005-1178 . Ubuka T Kim S Huang YC Reid J Jiang J Osugi T Chowdhury VS Tsutsui K

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Kyriaki S Alatzoglou, Daniel Kelberman and Mehul T Dattani

developing CNS, including the brain and spinal cord. Its expression is first detected at the earliest stages of development, prior to the appearance of the primitive streak, at 6.5 dpc throughout the epiblast and in a band of extraembryonic ectoderm at the

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S Schmidt, A Hommel, V Gawlik, R Augustin, N Junicke, S Florian, M Richter, D J Walther, D Montag, H-G Joost and A Schürmann

-specific glucose transporter (GLUT3) to neuropil in adult rat brain . Brain Research 659 292 – 297 . Membrez M Hummler E Beermann F Haefliger JA Savioz R Pedrazzini T Thorens B 2006 GLUT8 is dispensable for embryonic development but

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N David Åberg, Inger Johansson, Maria A I Åberg, Johan Lind, Ulf E Johansson, Christiana M Cooper-Kuhn, H Georg Kuhn and Jörgen Isgaard

reduced GH signaling ( Turnley et al . 2002 , Ransome et al . 2004 ), it appears that during postnatal development GH plays a role for a relative suppression in the formation on new neurons with a subsequent decrease in the neuron: glia index

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Marian Joëls

manifest in HPA axis disturbances when combined with multiple exposures to major life events, especially when these take place during development of the HPA axis or during brain development. Altered HPA-axis responsiveness has been described in relation to

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Sandra Zárate, Mariana Astiz, Natalia Magnani, Mercedes Imsen, Florencia Merino, Silvia Álvarez, Analía Reinés and Adriana Seilicovich

suggested that loss of ovarian hormones precipitates the decline in mitochondrial bioenergetics promoting an accelerated aging phenotype eventually leading to the development of brain hypometabolism, which is clinically observed in menopausal women and