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Michal A Zmijewski, Rajesh K Sharma and Andrzej T Slominski

epidermal keratinocytes ( Zbytek & Slominski 2005 , Slominski et al. 2006 a ) and squamous cell carcinoma ( Kiang 1995 ). We also studied transcriptional activity of CRE and AP1 responsive elements and of human POMC promoter (−771 to −8) in

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Vicki E Smith, Jayne A Franklyn and Christopher J McCabe

promoter activity and PTTG had only a limited effect. However, co-expression of PTTG and PBF induced activity more than threefold, indicating that PBF is required for PTTG to transactivate FGF-2 ( Chien & Pei 2000 ). PBF may, therefore, mediate the

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Chad D Osterlund, Vanessa Thompson, Laura Hinds and Robert L Spencer

the rat PVN ( Luo et al . 1995 ). Thus, the long-term absence of CORT may lead to an augmented positive CRH feedback loop onto PVN CRH neurons, resulting in increased signaling activity (e.g., MAP-kinase activation), transcriptional processes (e

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O A Sukocheva and D O Carpenter

phosphorylation of the nuclear THs receptor (TR) and transcriptional activity ( Yen 2001 , Davis & Davis 2002 , Shih et al. 2004 ). THs may also exert a fast permissive action on the target cells’ responsiveness to other active peptide and hormones

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L Bouraoui, J Gutiérrez and I Navarro

(PPARγ) have been identified as transcriptional factors ( MacDougald & Lane 1995 ) and are necessary for the transition of pre-adipocytes into adipocytes in vitro . In mammals, insulin growth factor-I (IGF-I) affects adipocyte proliferation and

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Giuseppe Calamita, Maria Moreno, Domenico Ferri, Elena Silvestri, Patrizia Roberti, Luigi Schiavo, Patrizia Gena, Maria Svelto and Fernando Goglia

to thyroid hormone administration or to physiological states modulating thyroid gland activity (e.g. cold exposure, aging, dietary changes; Goglia et al. 1999 ). Indeed, alterations to the thyroid state of animals have considerable effects on the

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Barry N Madison, Patrick T K Woo and Nicholas J Bernier

). Parasite infection was also associated with multiple changes in transcriptional activity in the interrenal cells of the head kidney. Relative to those in the control fish, while the mRNA levels of mc2r in the infected fish were increased by 2.8-fold at 4

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Xiaojiong Du, Sirong He, Yaowen Jiang, Lingling Wei and Weiming Hu

( Yang et al . 2001 , Elias-Miro et al . 2011 ). A number of reports suggest that the beneficial vascular and anti-inflammatory activity of adiponectin might contribute to its therapeutic potential during ischemia–reperfusion injury ( Goldstein et al

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Masami Hayashi, Masahiro Sakata, Takashi Takeda, Toshiya Yamamoto, Yoko Okamoto, Kenjiro Sawada, Akiko Kimura, Ryoko Minekawa, Masahiro Tahara, Keiichi Tasaka and Yuji Murata

response to oxygen deficiency in this organ. However, the precise mechanism regulating GLUT1 expression during placentation has not been fully clarified. Heterodimeric hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) is a transcriptional activator that mediates

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Joëlle Dupont, Sophie Tesseraud, Michel Derouet, Anne Collin, Nicole Rideau, Sabine Crochet, Estelle Godet, Estelle Cailleau-Audouin, Sonia Métayer-Coustard, Michel J Duclos, Christian Gespach, Tom E Porter, Larry A Cogburn and Jean Simon

). Tyrosine phosphorylation of IR β-subunit, IRS-1 and Shc, and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) activity appeared responsive to insulin status in the liver under several experimental conditions (fasting/re-feeding, chronic corticosterone treatment