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Christoffer Clemmensen, Sanela Smajilovic, Andreas N Madsen, Anders B Klein, Birgitte Holst and Hans Bräuner-Osborne

(standard housing and ad libitum access to a HFD). The obese phenotype was associated with impairments in glucose metabolism, subtle perturbations in energy balance regulation, hepatic steatosis and increased plasma levels of insulin and leptin. We propose

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Maureen J Charron and Patricia M Vuguin

to a high-fat diet, disruption of the Gcgr gene is associated with a decrease in consumption of fat, 30% less weight gain, and protection from high-fat-induced hepatic steatosis when compared with WT littermates ( Conarello et al . 2007 ). In

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Chunxia Yu, Sujuan Liu, Liqin Chen, Jun Shen, Yanmei Niu, Tianyi Wang, Wanqi Zhang and Li Fu

Erysipclatoclostridium, which is associated with restoring liver steatosis. HC + NaB mainly increased Bifidobacteriaceae and Actinobacteria. Bifidobacteria had been reported to be reduced in obese mice, whereas Actinobacteria might be related to obesity and IR. Most of

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Eun-Kyung Choi, Woon-Ki Kim, Ok-Joo Sul, Yun-Kyung Park, Eun-Sook Kim, Jae-Hee Suh, Rina Yu and Hye-Seon Choi

K 2006 MCP-1 contributes to macrophage infiltration into adipose tissue, insulin resistance, and hepatic steatosis in obesity . Journal of Clinical Investigation 116 1494 – 1505 . ( doi:10.1172/JCI26498 ) Kang YM Kim SY Kang JH Han

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Andreas Nygaard Madsen, Gitte Hansen, Sarah Juel Paulsen, Kirsten Lykkegaard, Mads Tang-Christensen, Harald S Hansen, Barry E Levin, Philip Just Larsen, Lotte Bjerre Knudsen, Keld Fosgerau and Niels Vrang

, hepatic steatosis, and eventually impaired insulin secretion. Although the HE-fed DIO rat never develops frank diabetes, the 28-day chronic dosing study with sibutramine and the novel GLP-1 analog liraglutide demonstrates the versatility of the HE-fed DIO

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Eleftheria Diakogiannaki, Shalinee Dhayal, Caroline E Childs, Philip C Calder, Hannah J Welters and Noel G Morgan

GPR40 links hyperinsulinemia, hepatic steatosis, and impaired glucose homeostasis in mouse. Cell Metabolism 1 245 –258. Unger RH 1995 Lipotoxicity in the pathogenesis of obesity-dependent NIDDM. Genetic

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Hidetada Ogata, Yusuke Seino, Norio Harada, Atsushi Iida, Kazuyo Suzuki, Takako Izumoto, Kota Ishikawa, Eita Uenishi, Nobuaki Ozaki, Yoshitaka Hayashi, Takashi Miki, Nobuya Inagaki, Shin Tsunekawa, Yoji Hamada, Susumu Seino and Yutaka Oiso

demonstrate reduced diet-induced obesity and steatosis, and improved glucose homeostasis . PLoS ONE 7 e40156 . ( doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0040156 ) Martín MG Turk E Lostao MP Kerner C Wright EM 1996 Defects in Na + /glucose cotransporter

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Yu Wu, Tingting Wu, Jun Wu, Lei Zhao, Qing Li, Zac Varghese, John F Moorhead, Stephen H Powis, Yaxi Chen and Xiong Z Ruan

established method for the induction of chronic systemic inflammation in mouse models. This has been used in many studies of atherosclerosis and liver steatosis ( Miura et al . 1985 , Wal 2002 , Ma et al . 2008 ). In comparison with other sole cytokine or

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Dawn E W Livingstone, Sarah L Grassick, Gillian L Currie, Brian R Walker and Ruth Andrew

steatosis was more marked in the ob/ob mice, whereas the activity of 5β-reductase was increased to a greater extent in db/db mice. The db/db mice demonstrated partial insulin deficiency, and progression towards hyperglycaemia, whereas the ob/ob mice

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Xiao-Bing Cui, Jun-Na Luan, Jianping Ye and Shi-You Chen

hepatic steatosis in obesity . Journal of Clinical Investigation 116 1494 – 1505 . ( doi:10.1172/JCI26498 ) Kim JA Wei Y Sowers JR 2008 Role of mitochondrial dysfunction in insulin resistance . Circulation Research 102 401 – 414 . ( doi