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George Fink

conclusion that stress, but not H. pylori , is associated with peptic ulcer disease in this Thai population ( Wachirawat et al. 2003 ). Finally, a recent population-based Danish cohort ( n  = 2410) study showed that psychological stress increased the

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Menghong Yan and Qiwei Zhai

). Likewise, the offspring whose fathers experienced psychological stress show elevated blood glucose and increased hepatic gluconeogenesis ( Wu et al. 2016 ). These findings demonstrate that paternal stress may lead to metabolic disorders in offspring

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S Hesketh, D S Jessop, S Hogg and M S Harbuz

within the pPVN, that may have a role in the mediation of the stress response ( Neumann et al. 2000 a , b , Nakashima et al. 2002 , Neumann 2002 ). Restraint stress is a well documented predominantly psychological stressor ( Pare & Glavin

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Saadia Basharat, Jennifer A Parker, Kevin G Murphy, Stephen R Bloom, Julia C Buckingham and Christopher D John

psychological stress ( Connor & Leonard 1998 ), ultimately activate the HPA axis via a convergence at the hypothalamus to precipitate the CRH–ACTH–glucocorticoid cascade, there is surprisingly little overlap in the sets of genes within the brain that are induced

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Baiba Steinbrekera and Robert Roghair

and coworkers (2011) have each shown that former IUGR men but not women have increased baseline blood pressure that is exacerbated by psychological stress, and this sexual dimorphism has been a consistent theme in preclinical animal models ( Intapad

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Sara Sandrini, Marwh Aldriwesh, Mashael Alruways and Primrose Freestone

al . 2010 ). It can be observed from Fig. 1 that many of these species are stress hormone responsive. Dentists recognise psychological stress as a major risk factor for development of oral health problems such as periodontitis, a sub

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Francesca Spiga, Louise R Harrison, Susan Wood, David M Knight, Cliona P MacSweeney, Fiona Thomson, Mark Craighead and Stafford L Lightman

attenuated depression-like behaviour in forced swimming and sucrose preference tests ( Mlynarik et al . 2007 ). Although V 1b R knockout (KO) mice exhibit a normal corticosterone response to the acute psychological stress of restraint ( Lolait et al . 2007

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C E Koch, M S Bartlang, J T Kiehn, L Lucke, N Naujokat, C Helfrich-Förster, S O Reber and H Oster

& Behavior 89 301 – 310 . ( doi:10.1016/j.physbeh.2006.05.046 ) Cohen S Janicki-Deverts D Miller GE 2007 Psychological stress and disease . JAMA 298 1685 – 1687 . ( doi:10.1001/jama.298.14.1685 ) Dunn J Scheving L Millet

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Ke Cui, Giamal N Luheshi and Patricia Boksa

) ( Liao et al . 1995 , Sorrells & Sapolsky 2007 , Frank et al . 2010 ). GC and ACTH responses to acute physical and psychological stressors are known to be attenuated in the pregnant rat at term (embryonic day 21, E21), compared to responses in

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Allison R Foilb, Patina Lui and Russell D Romeo

, following an acute physical or psychological stressor, prepubertal rats exhibit an ACTH and corticosterone (total and free) response that is twice as long (e.g. 40–60 min) as that exhibited by adults ( Goldman et al . 1973 , Vazquez & Akil 1993 , Romeo