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M Szczesna, D A Zieba, B Klocek-Gorka, T Misztal, and E Stepien

cellular factors. Recently identified negative inhibitors of cytokine signalling transduction, i.e. suppressors of cytokine signalling (SOCS), can suppress the actions of both PRL ( Bole-Feysot et al . 1998 , Ling & Billig 2001 ) and leptin ( Bjorbaek et

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Elżbieta Król and John R Speakman

- and leptin-infused voles was 2.5 g. Neuroendocrine correlates of leptin sensitivity and resistance We examined hypothalamic ARC gene expression of suppressor of cytokine signalling-3 (SOCS3) and four leptin

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R Dobie, V E MacRae, C Huesa, R van't Hof, S F Ahmed, and C Farquharson

circulating IGF1 levels ( Govoni et al . 2007 ). The suppressor of cytokine signalling (SOCS) protein family consists of at least eight proteins, with SOCS1–3 recognised as inhibitors of GH/IGF1 signal. Basal levels of these proteins are low, but when

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Darryl L Hadsell, Albert F Parlow, Daniel Torres, Jessy George, and Walter Olea

negative feedback inhibitors such as the suppressors of cytokines signaling (SOCS) genes ( Sutherland et al . 2007 ). The most commonly studied members of this family include SOCS1, SOCS2, and SOCS3, and cytokine-inducible SH2 protein (CIS). In addition to

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Sharon E Mitchell, Ruben Nogueiras, Kellie Rance, D Vernon Rayner, Sharon Wood, Carlos Dieguez, and Lynda M Williams

signal is different between these rats, we have challenged Lou/C and Wistar rats with a single i.p. leptin injection and measured the induction of suppressor of cytokine signalling 3 (SOCS3) gene expression in the ARC 1 h later. Materials

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Jessica C Hogan and Jacqueline M Stephens

-induced expression of interleukin-6 in astrocytes through protein kinase A and NF-IL-6. Glia 31 51 –58. Shi H , Tzameli I, Bjorbaek C & Flier JS 2004 Suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 is a physiological regulator of adipocyte

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Yun Wang, Patsy M Nishina, and Jürgen K Naggert

family proteins associated with phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase activity and alterations in lipolysis in primary mouse adipocytes from IRS-1 null mice . Diabetes 50 1455 – 1463 . Ueki K Kondo T Kahn CR 2004 Suppressor of cytokine signaling 1

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D A Zieba, M Szczesna, B Klocek-Gorka, E Molik, T Misztal, G L Williams, K Romanowicz, E Stepien, D H Keisler, and M Murawski

inhibition of intracellular leptin signaling by suppressors of cytokine signaling-3 (SOCS-3), which can occur within leptin's primary targets in the ARC ( Adam & Mercer 2004 ). Studies in the Siberian hamster ( Phodopus sungorus , Tups et al . 2004 ) have

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R G P Denis, C Bing, S Brocklehurst, J A Harrold, R G Vernon, and G Williams

( Mercer et al. 1997 , Baskin et al. 1998 , Uotani et al. 1999 ). Leptin also induces expression of suppressor of cytokine signalling-3 (SOCS-3), a protein that inhibits a critical intracellular signalling pathway activated by leptin ( Björbaek et

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Elaine de Oliveira, Egberto G Moura, Ana Paula Santos-Silva, Cíntia R Pinheiro, Natalia S Lima, José Firmino Nogueira-Neto, Andre L Nunes-Freitas, Yael Abreu-Villaça, Magna C F Passos, and Patrícia C Lisboa

transcription. The JAK2/STAT3 pathway stimulates suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 ( SOCS3 ) transcription, a leptin-inducible inhibitor of leptin signaling ( Vaisse et al . 1996 ). In obesity, leptin resistance has been associated with changes in the JAK2