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Eva Kassi and Athanasios G Papavassiliou

formation and protects from vascular calcification while impairing β-cell insulin secretion. Evolutional aspect of the communication between bone and glucose metabolism Could differences between species account for these discrepancies between animal model

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Liisa Ailanen, Suvi T Ruohonen, Laura H Vähätalo, Katja Tuomainen, Kim Eerola, Henriikka Salomäki-Myftari, Matias Röyttä, Asta Laiho, Markku Ahotupa, Helena Gylling and Eriika Savontaus

. 2014). In the current study, we aimed to elucidate the effects of noradrenergic NPY on hepatic FA, cholesterol and glucose metabolism, to define their contribution to the development of the hepatosteatosis, hypercholesterolemia and IGT, and finally, to

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Stephan Pinheiro Frankenfeld, Leonardo Pires de Oliveira, Daniele Leão Ignacio, Raquel Guimarães Coelho, Mariana Nigro Mattos, Andrea Claudia Freitas Ferreira, Denise Pires Carvalho and Rodrigo Soares Fortunato

glucose metabolism, the effects of supraphysiological doses (SDs) of anabolic–androgenic steroids on glucose metabolism are scarce. It is well-known that women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, who have hyperandrogenism, might present hyperinsulinemia with

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Antonella Amato, Sara Baldassano and Flavia Mulè

al . 1988 ); however, recent experimental data suggest that GLP2 exerts beneficial effects on glucose metabolism, especially in conditions related to increased uptake of energy, such as obesity, at least in the animal model ( Cani et al . 2009

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Valerie M Harris, Sachin V Bendre, Francina Gonzalez De Los Santos, Alemu Fite, Ahmad El-Yaman El-Dandachli, Lyazat Kurenbekova, Abdul B Abou-Samra and Colleen Buggs-Saxton

sensing in the gonadotroph and whether GnRH regulates glucose metabolism in the gonadotroph. Glucose enters cells via the solute carrier family-2 (SLC-2) proteins, which are also commonly referred to as glucose transporters (GLUTs; Mueckler 1994 , Uldry

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Luiz F Rezende, Luiz F Stoppiglia, Kleber L A Souza, Alessandro Negro, Francesco Langone and Antonio C Boschero

discarded and the islets incubated for a further period of 1 h in 1 ml KHBS containing 2.8 or 16.7 mM glucose. The supernatant was collected and insulin was measured by RIA. Glucose metabolism Batches of 50 islets each

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Eriko Inoue, Toshihiro Ichiki, Kotaro Takeda, Hirohide Matsuura, Toru Hashimoto, Jiro Ikeda, Aya Kamiharaguchi and Kenji Sunagawa

BPS may be beneficial for the improvement of obesity-induced insulin resistance, in which inflammation plays an important role. We showed in this study that BPS improved glucose metabolism in association with reduction of inflammation of white adipose

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Toya M Albury-Warren, Veethika Pandey, Lina P Spinel, Michal M Masternak and Deborah A Altomare

), respectively ( Hemmings & Restuccia 2012 ). AKT hyperactivation in various cancers has been studied ( Altomare & Testa 2005 , Cheung & Testa 2013 ), while its role in glucose metabolism has been noted but comparatively overlooked until analysis of AKT isoform

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Lewin Small, Henry Gong, Christian Yassmin, Gregory J Cooney and Amanda E Brandon

and 32°C. Interestingly, although the relationship between energy expenditure and intake is very clear ( Cannon & Nedergaard 2011 ), there have been a wide range of reported effects of housing temperature on fat mass and glucose metabolism. These

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David P Macfarlane, Shareen Forbes and Brian R Walker

, 2007 ). The effects of glucocorticoids on glucose metabolism are well characterised and have been reviewed in detail previously ( Andrews & Walker 1999 ). For many genes involved in glucose metabolism, glucocorticoid effects oppose those of insulin. As