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Giuseppina Mattace Raso, Giuseppe Bianco, Anna Iacono, Emanuela Esposito, Giuseppina Autore, Maria Carmela Ferrante, Antonio Calignano and Rosaria Meli

(adipose and placenta) is not accompanied by a food intake modification. One possible explanation of this discrepancy may be the resistance to the effects of leptin via ‘downregulation’ of hypothalamic leptin receptors in pregnant SHR, as evidenced by the

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Zheng Zhao, Ichiro Sakata, Yusuke Okubo, Kanako Koike, Kenji Kangawa and Takafumi Sakai

5% DABCO containing 90% glycerol in PBS, and then viewed and photographed under a light microscope (BX60, Olympus). Reverse transcriptase (RT)-PCR for short and long forms of the leptin receptor (OB-R) mRNA Total RNA was extracted from the isolated

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Malathi Srinivasan, Paul Mitrani, Gigani Sadhanandan, Catherine Dodds, Suhad Shbeir-ElDika, Shanthie Thamotharan, Hussam Ghanim, Paresh Dandona, Sherin U Devaskar and Mulchand S Patel

(PI3K) (Upstate Cell Signaling, Chicago, IL, USA), and leptin receptor long form (OB-Rb; Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Santa Cruz, CA, USA) were obtained from vendors as indicated. The secondary antibodies bovine anti-goat horseradish peroxidase (HRP

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Tabata M Bohlen, Thais T Zampieri, Isadora C Furigo, Pryscila D S Teixeira, Edward O List, John J Kopchick, Jose Donato Jr and Renata Frazao

neuron-specific genetic deletions were present and effective in all of the studied mouse models. Figure 2 Validation of the LepR-KO model. (A, B and C) Epifluorescence photomicrograph showing the distribution of the leptin receptor (LepR) expressing

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Majdi Masarwi, Raanan Shamir, Moshe Phillip and Galia Gat-Yablonski

levels were 1.81 ± 0.51, 0.42 ± 0.1 and 1.47 ± 0.96 ng/mL. For both factors, there was a significant difference between the RES and AL groups ( P  < 0.05) but not between the CU and AL groups. Detection of leptin receptor and aromatase in the growth

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Melody L Allensworth-James, Angela Odle, Anessa Haney, Melanie MacNicol, Angus MacNicol and Gwen Childs

. 2012 , Allensworth-James et al. 2015 ). Most somatotropes express leptin receptors (LEPR), and the importance of leptin regulation in these cells was emphasized recently when the signaling component of LEPR ( Childs et al. 2011 ) or the entire LEPR

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Saadia Basharat, Jennifer A Parker, Kevin G Murphy, Stephen R Bloom, Julia C Buckingham and Christopher D John

( Shapiro et al . 2010 ). Human septic patients have elevated circulating levels of the soluble leptin receptor (Ob-Re), which correlate with disease severity indices ( Shapiro et al . 2010 ). Leptin has been reported to serve as an early biomarker of

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David A Baltzegar, Benjamin J Reading, Jonathon D Douros and Russell J Borski

). Figure 3 Effect of leptin and cortisol injection (6 and 24 h) on tilapia liver (A) triglyceride content, (B) hormone-sensitive lipase mRNA expression, (C) lipoprotein lipase mRNA expression, (D) leptin receptor mRNA expression, and (E) glucose transporter

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Ruben Nogueiras, Sulay Tovar, Sharon E Mitchell, Perry Barrett, D Vernon Rayner, Carlos Dieguez and Lynda M Williams

littermates ( Howard et al. 2000 ). The level of NMU gene expression in the SCN of normal mice has also been found to show a strong circadian rhythmicity ( Graham et al. 2005 ). In the Zucker fatty rat ( fa / fa ), which lacks a functional leptin receptor

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Ichiro Kaneko, Rimpi K Saini, Kristin P Griffin, G Kerr Whitfield, Mark R Haussler and Peter W Jurutka

-3′ and reverse, 5′-TGAAGCCCAGGAATGAAGTC-3′; mouse leptin receptor (ObR): forward, 5′-GCATGCAGAATCAGTGATATTTGG-3′ and reverse, 5′-CAAGCTGTATCGACACTGATTTCTTC-3′; human FGF23: forward, 5′-TGCTGGCTTTGTGGTGATTA-3′ and reverse, 5′-TTCTCCGGGTCGAAATAGTG-3