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K S Wilson, C S Tucker, E A S Al-Dujaili, M C Holmes, P W F Hadoke, C J Kenyon and M A Denvir

, results from controls of the dexamethasone group were not different from the controls in the hypoxia and GR morpholino group which were not exposed to ethanol. Previous work involving a dose-ranging study (1–200μM) established 100µM dexamethasone as the

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B Shan, C Schaaf, A Schmidt, K Lucia, M Buchfelder, M Losa, D Kuhlen, J Kreutzer, M J Perone, E Arzt, G K Stalla and U Renner

oxygen and nutrients to the tumour cells and to remove intratumoural waste products ( Turner et al . 2000 , Carmeliet 2003 ). Tumour neovascularisation is induced by intratumoural hypoxia, which leads to an increase in hypoxia inducible factor 1α (HIF1A

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Toshiaki Ishizuka, Takashi Hinata and Yasuhiro Watanabe

postischemic neovascularization by 1.5-fold as compared to those from untreated diabetic mice ( Ebrahimian et al . 2006 ). The effects of hyperglycemia or hypoxia have been associated with increased levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS; Waypa et al . 2001

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Hershel Raff and Lauren Jacobson

Introduction Hypoxia is a common neonatal stress leading to significant short-term distress and long-term complications ( Frankel & Stevenson 1987 , Friedman & Fahey 1993 , Low et al. 1993 , Rubaltelli et al. 1998

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Nicholas J Bernier, Sarah L Alderman and Erin N Bristow

relative importance of the POA and the CNSS as sites of CRF and UI expression in this species. We then investigated the impact of two environmental stressors, elevated ammonia levels and hypoxia, and two social stressors, isolation and subordination on the

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Xiaojiong Du, Sirong He, Yaowen Jiang, Lingling Wei and Weiming Hu

islets are exceptionally susceptible to ischemia–reperfusion injury ( Sklavos et al . 2010 ). Hypoxia–reoxygenation is the leading cause of β-cell death during islet preparation, implantation, and revascularization, with the highest percentage of islet

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Elisabete A Forsberg, Ileana R Botusan, Jing Wang, Verena Peters, Ishrath Ansurudeen, Kerstin Brismar and Sergiu Bogdan Catrina

transcriptional level ( Brismar et al . 1994 , Powell et al . 1995 ). Other factors, including hypoxia, pro-inflammatory cytokines, cAMP, glucocorticoids and oxidative stress stimulate the synthesis of IGFBP1 ( Mesotten et al . 2002 ). Hypoxia inducible factor

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Linda Vignozzi, Annamaria Morelli, Erica Sarchielli, Paolo Comeglio, Sandra Filippi, Ilaria Cellai, Elena Maneschi, Sergio Serni, Mauro Gacci, Marco Carini, Marie-Pierre Piccinni, Farid Saad, Luciano Adorini, Gabriella B Vannelli and Mario Maggi

after background subtraction using Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Software (Adobe Systems). Hypoxia detection in rabbit prostate Tissue oxygenation has been analyzed as described previously ( Vignozzi et al . 2006 , 2008 , 2009 , Morelli et al . 2010 a

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Sheree D Martin and Sean L McGee

adequately remodel, resulting in adipose tissue hypoxia ( Ye et al . 2007 ). The lipid storage capacity of individual adipocytes can also be challenged, which similar to lipotoxicity in other tissues, initiates a cellular inflammatory response and in some

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Kimberley C W Wang, Kimberley J Botting, Song Zhang, I Caroline McMillen, Doug A Brooks and Janna L Morrison

for the increased expression of these genes before birth and that are maintained after birth. Histone acetylation on IGF-2 and IGF-2R gene expression and Akt Hypoxia can induce histone acetylation, specifically at histone 3 lysine 9 (H3K9