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Ulla-Maj Fiúza and Alfonso Martinez Arias

sorting and multivesicular body formation present defects on Notch signalling ( Poodry 1990 , Ramain et al. 2001 , Thompson et al. 2005 , Vaccari & Bilder 2005 , Jaekel & Klein 2006 ). These observations suggest that the activity of signalling

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Kikuko Hotta, Masahiro Hosaka, Atsushi Tanabe, and Toshiyuki Takeuchi

. 2005 , Takeuchi & Hosaka 2008 ), SCG3 bound to POMC; however, it did not bind to orexin, MCH, or NPY. By contrast, SCG2 formed aggregates with orexin, MCH, NPY, and POMC. Because SCG3 acts as a sorting receptor that directs hormone carrier proteins to

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Kotaro Horiguchi, Ken Fujiwara, Cimi Ilmiawati, Motoshi Kikuchi, Takehiro Tsukada, Tom Kouki, and Takashi Yashiro

sorter (MoFlo XDP: Beckman Coulter, Inc., Fullerton, CA, USA). GFP-positive cells were plated onto 8-well glass chamber slides (1 cm 2 /well; Nalge Nunc International, Rochester, NY, USA), with or without a coating of 10 μg/cm 2 of laminin (Millipore

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Erin Faught, Lynsi Henrickson, and Mathilakath M Vijayan

, unlike in mammalian systems ( Colombo et al . 2014 ), for exosomal sorting by flow cytometry. Based on our results, either Hsp70 or beta-actin may be a suitable candidate for exosomal sorting, and this remains to be verified. Using plasma Hsp70 level

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John Henderson

tissues, instead of being the instrument of the matters which result from the disintegration or decay of the tissues.’ This seems to be a sort of intuitive groping towards an endocrine control of intermediary metabolism. Claude Bernard, in 1855, is

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Takehiro Tsukada, Morio Azuma, Kotaro Horiguchi, Ken Fujiwara, Tom Kouki, Motoshi Kikuchi, and Takashi Yashiro

jurisdiction of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Cell sorting After deep anesthesia was induced with intraperitoneally injected pentobarbital sodium (Kyoritsu Seiyaku, Tokyo, Japan), 10–20 anterior pituitary

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Juliano C da Silveira, Ana Clara F C M de Ávila, Hannah L Garrett, Jason E Bruemmer, Quinton A Winger, and Gerrit J Bouma

). Interestingly, the endosomal sorting complex (ESCRT) is not involved in this process, suggesting that at least in HEK293 and COS7 cells, exosomal microRNA secretion involves a ceramide-dependent pathway. Thirdly, it is possible that microRNAs are selectively

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Bogdan A Danalache, Calvin Yu, Jolanta Gutkowska, and Marek Jankowski

of the SP phenotype. The SP cells are separated from the main population (MP) when analyzed by dual wavelength flow cytometry cell sorting. In the neonatal mice heart, the SP cells compose 3.5% of CMs, which is markedly higher than the range of 0

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Xiang Zhou, Ying Wang, Luisina Ongaro, Ulrich Boehm, Vesa Kaartinen, Yuji Mishina, and Daniel J Bernard

Virginia (Charlottesville, VA, USA). Both hormones were measured in singlet from 10µL serum. The reportable ranges for LH and FSH were 0.24–30.0 and 2.40–300.0ng/mL, respectively. Fluorescence-activated cell sorting of genetically labeled gonadotropes

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Norbert Chauvet, Taoufik El-Yandouzi, Marie-Noëlle Mathieu, Audrey Schlernitzauer, Evelyne Galibert, Chrystel Lafont, Paul Le Tissier, Iain C Robinson, Patrice Mollard, and Nathalie Coutry

expression of classic cadherins in mouse pituitary gland and especially in somatotrophs, we took advantage of our GH-eGFP mouse model that allows the isolation of GH cells by FACS sorting from enzymatically dispersed cells. To validate GH cell purification by