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Esther Paulo, Dongmei Wu, Peter Hecker, Yun Zhang and Biao Wang

could enable us to address beige adipocyte-specific function in energy homeostasis. In this report, we have generated a transgenic mouse line, expressing constitutively active HDAC4 (GFP-HDAC4.3A with all SIKs phosphorylation sites mutated to alanine

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Jun-Ping Wen, Chune Liu, Wen-Kai Bi, Ya-Ting Hu, Qingshi Chen, Huibing Huang, Ji-Xing Liang, Lian-Tao Li, Li-Xiang Lin and Gang Chen

of energy homeostasis ( Kubota et al . 2007 , Wen et al . 2010 ) and GNRH secretion through activation of AMPK in the hypothalamus ( Wen et al . 2008 ). However, it has not yet been studied whether and how adiponectin participates in KISS1

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Anaies Nazarians-Armavil, Jennifer A Chalmers, Claire B Lee, Wenqing Ye and Denise D Belsham

regulation is the potent anorexigenic neuropeptide, α-MSH. POMC neurons modulate energy homeostasis principally through this cleavage product. In order to generate α-MSH, POMC is initially cleaved by proprotein convertase 1/3 (PC1/3) into pro-ACTH and β

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Eliana H Akamine, Anderson C Marçal, João Paulo Camporez, Mara S Hoshida, Luciana C Caperuto, Estela Bevilacqua and Carla R O Carvalho

IRS-2 pathways integrate female reproduction and energy homeostasis . Nature 407 377 – 382 . Carvalho CRO Carvalheira JBC Lima MHM Zimmerman SF Caperuto LC Amanso A Gasparetti AL Meneghetti V Zimmerman LF Velloso LA 2003

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Hiromi Adachi, Yasumasa Takemoto, Takashi Bungo and Takeshi Ohkubo

Introduction Leptin is an adipocyte-derived hormone that regulates feeding behaviour and energy homeostasis in mammals ( Campfield et al . 1995 , Halaas et al . 1995 , Pelleymounter et al . 1995 ). The leptin signal is mediated through a

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Julie Takada, Miriam Helena Fonseca-Alaniz, Tarcila Beatriz Ferraz de Campos, Sandra Andreotti, Amanda Baron Campana, Maristela Okamoto, Cristina das Neves Borges-Silva, Ubiratan Fabres Machado and Fabio Bessa Lima

(WAT) plays a crucial role in energy homeostasis to include insulin sensitivity, appetite control, energy balance, immunity, angiogenesis, blood pressure, and lipid metabolism, by secreting a wide range of bioactive proteins termed ‘adipokines

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Junlan Zhou, Min Cheng, Chan Boriboun, Mariam M Ardehali, Changfei Jiang, Qinghua Liu, Shuling Han, David A Goukassian, Yao-Liang Tang, Ting C Zhao, Ming Zhao, Lu Cai, Stéphane Richard, Raj Kishore and Gangjian Qin

). Identifying novel factors that induce the white-to-brown transition will not only contribute to a better understanding of the comprehensive regulation of energy homeostasis but also provide potential molecular targets for intervening in obesity and its

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Silva Sütt, Emmelie Cansby, Alexandra Paul, Manoj Amrutkar, Esther Nuñez-Durán, Nagaraj M Kulkarni, Marcus Ståhlman, Jan Borén, Jurga Laurencikiene, Brian W Howell, Sven Enerbäck and Margit Mahlapuu

Adipose tissue is the key tissue affected by over-nutrition, and whole-body energy homeostasis critically depends on how well adipose depots remodel in response to an excess of calories. In this study, we describe the novel function of key metabolic

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Hui Yu, Zoe Thompson, Sylee Kiran, Graham L Jones, Lakshmi Mundada, Surbhi, Marcelo Rubinstein and Malcolm J Low

.00570 ) Xu Y Nedungadi TP Zhu L Sobhani N Irani BG Davis KE Zhang X Zou F Gent LM Hahner LD , et al . 2011 Distinct hypothalamic neurons mediate estrogenic effects on energy homeostasis and reproduction . Cell Metabolism 14 453

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J Naufahu, F Alzaid, M Fiuza Brito, B Doslikova, T Valencia, A Cunliffe and J F Murray

. 1996 ). In the lipostatic model of energy homeostasis (for review see Woods 2005 ), leptin inhibits the anabolic pathway through which MCH operates. Leptin and MCH may also interact in the periphery; for example, the MCH receptor has been detected on