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Mark E Peterson

the nodules than in the surrounding, normal paranodular tissue. These cells characteristically show little nuclear atypia or mitotic activity. Figure 1 Histologic section across a nodular goiter of a hyperthyroid cat stained with periodic acid

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Valentina Pampanini, Daniela Germani, Antonella Puglianiello, Jan-Bernd Stukenborg, Ahmed Reda, Iuliia Savchuk, Kristín Rós Kjartansdóttir, Stefano Cianfarani and Olle Söder

animals from at least three different litters. For the 5 d pp old animals, comparisons were made between seven IUGR and four shams, respecting the same principle of litter variability. Testicular histology and immunohistochemistry At killing

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Xiao-Bing Cui, Jun-Na Luan, Jianping Ye and Shi-You Chen

was collected by direct cardiac puncture. Epididymal fat was carefully removed and weighed. A portion of the epididymal fat was fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde for histological analysis, whereas the other portion was stored at −80 °C for RNA and protein

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Kotaro Horiguchi, Tom Kouki, Ken Fujiwara, Takehiro Tsukada, Floren Ly, Motoshi Kikuchi and Takashi Yashiro

Introduction The anterior pituitary gland comprises five types of hormone-producing cells plus folliculostellate (FS) cells, which do not produce classical anterior pituitary hormones. Histologically, these six types of anterior pituitary cells

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Melissa F Jackson, Dung Luong, Dor Dor Vang, Dilip K Garikipati, James B Stanton, O Lynne Nelson and Buel D Rodgers

before removing and weighing several tissues, some of which were used for histology. This includes hearts, individual skeletal muscles (gastrocnemius, tibias anterior, extensor digitorum longus, and soleus), livers, spleens, and kidneys. Hearts were first

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Anne-Lise Lecoq, Philippe Zizzari, Mirella Hage, Lyvianne Decourtye, Clovis Adam, Say Viengchareun, Johannes D Veldhuis, Valérie Geoffroy, Marc Lombès, Virginie Tolle, Anne Guillou, Auli Karhu, Laurent Kappeler, Philippe Chanson and Peter Kamenický

response to GHRH, Aip +/− mice did not develop gigantism and had normal IGF1 levels. As the early stages of pituitary tumorigenesis are controversial ( Melmed 2011 , Villa et al. 2011 ), we also studied the pituitary histology and somatotroph cell

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S Greco, M G Elia, A Muscella, S Romano, C Storelli and S Marsigliante

cultures from six cancers in order to investigate whether the BK mitogenic role is still retained in the tumour. Furthermore, the effects of BK were also studied in primary cultured epithelial breast cells obtained from the corresponding histologically

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Kushaan Dumasia, Anita Kumar, Leena Kadam and N H Balasinor

serum matrix and all samples were measured in duplicate. Histological examination of the testis The testes were dissected out and fixed in Bouin's fixative for 24 h. After primary fixation, each testis was cut into three pieces (3–5 mm thick) and refixed

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William F Powell Jr, Kevin J Barry, Irena Tulum, Tatsuya Kobayashi, Stephen E Harris, F Richard Bringhurst and Paola Divieti Pajevic

specifically lack PPRs in osteocytes. Initial histological analysis demonstrated that lack of PPR expression in osteocytes induces a reduction in trabecular bone, accompanied by a tonic elevation of Sost and sclerostin and a lack of PTH-induced Sost and

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Linda Vignozzi, Ilaria Cellai, Raffaella Santi, Letizia Lombardelli, Annamaria Morelli, Paolo Comeglio, Sandra Filippi, Federica Logiodice, Marco Carini, Gabriella Nesi, Mauro Gacci, Marie-Pierre Piccinni, Luciano Adorini and Mario Maggi

( Filippi et al . 2009 , Vignozzi et al . 2011 , 2012 , Morelli et al . 2012 ). Interestingly, HFD-induced hypogonadism is associated with marked histological alterations of the prostate gland, characterized by inflammation coupled with stromal