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Wonsuk Choi, Joon Ho Moon and Hail Kim

). Under HFD-fed conditions, inhibiting gut-derived 5-HT synthesis ameliorates hepatic steatosis by reducing hepatic HTR2A signaling ( Choi et al. 2018 ). Both gut-specific Tph1 and hepatocyte-specific Htr2a knock-out mice are resistant to HFD

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Cristina Mora, Cristina Pintado, Blanca Rubio, Lorena Mazuecos, Virginia López, Alejandro Fernández, Aurora Salamanca, Brenda Bárcena, Teresa Fernández-Agulló, Carmen Arribas, Nilda Gallardo and Antonio Andrés

perfused working rat hearts, earlier work revealed that acute peripheral leptin administration decreased heart TAG content ( Atkinson et al. 2002 ). A similar decrease was also observed in a transgenic mice model of myocardial steatosis upon chronic

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Esther Nuñez-Durán, Belén Chanclón, Silva Sütt, Joana Real, Hanns-Ulrich Marschall, Ingrid Wernstedt Asterholm, Emmelie Cansby and Margit Mahlapuu

steatosis) in the development of type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, acute pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer ( Catanzaro et al. 2016 ). In spite of this high medical relevance and an estimated prevalence between 16 and 35% ( Wang et al. 2014 , Lesmana

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Min Liu, Shuo Xie, Weiwei Liu, Jingjin Li, Chao Li, Wei Huang, Hexin Li, Jinghai Song and Hong Zhang

SEMA3F, thereby activating AMPK ( Wu et al . 2016 ). The combination of honokiol and magnolol (HM) blunts hepatic steatosis and SREBP-1c-mediated hepatic lipogenesis, which may be triggered by AMPK phosphorylation and ACC ( Lee et al . 2015 ). AZF

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Mary C Sugden, Paul W Caton and Mark J Holness

5 ( Lerin et al . 2006 ). Studies of the role of PGC-1α on energy metabolism have mainly utilized gain-of-function or complete-loss-of-function models. Total ablation of hepatic PGC-1α elicits fasting steatosis; however, insulin sensitivity and

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Eva B Nygaard, Cathrine Ørskov, Thomas Almdal, Henrik Vestergaard and Birgitte Andersen

three-fold increase in FFA ( Rasmussen et al . 2003 ) in obese subjects during the 60 h of fasting and indicate that other factors such as hepatic steatosis may regulate plasma FGF21 ( Li et al . 2010 , Yan et al . 2011 ). In agreement with this

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Makoto Ito, Akira Gomori, Jun Suzuki, Shigeharu Tsujioka, Minoru Sasaki, Masao Matsuda, Maria A Bednarek, Masahiko Ito, Akane Ishihara, Hisashi Iwaasa, Douglas J MacNeil and Akio Kanatani

Introduction With the growing prevalence of metabolic disorders, nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD), which range from simple steatosis to end stage liver disease, have become a common cause of chronic liver diseases ( Marchesini et al . 2003

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Mark A Exley, Laura Hand, Donal O'Shea and Lydia Lynch

now a major public health issue, with the principal cause of morbidity due to metabolic dysfunction (insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia, hepatic steatosis, and cardiovascular disease). Progression of clinical pathology has been strongly

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Sandra Ghelardoni, Grazia Chiellini, Sabina Frascarelli, Alessandro Saba and Riccardo Zucchi

 μg/ml streptomycin, and 4 mM glutamine, supplemented with 1 g/l glucose and 1 mM sodium pyruvate. To induce steatosis, HepG2 were exposed to exogenous lipids as described ( Di Nunzio et al . 2011 , Yao et al . 2011 ). Cells were incubated with 1 μM

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Richard A Ehrhardt, Andreas Foskolos, Sarah L Giesy, Stephanie R Wesolowski, Christopher S Krumm, W Ronald Butler, Susan M Quirk, Matthew R Waldron and Yves R Boisclair

transition from LP to EL. Liver steatosis is a common feature of leptin-deficient rodents and was specifically attributed to reduced lipid oxidation by pair-feeding these animals to wild-type controls ( Cohen et al . 2002 , Prieur et al . 2008 ). Leptin