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Corinne Caillaud, Mie Mechta, Heidi Ainge, Andreas N Madsen, Patricia Ruell, Emilie Mas, Catherine Bisbal, Jacques Mercier, Stephen Twigg, Trevor A Mori, David Simar and Romain Barrès

al . 2013 ). In this study, we investigated the effect of both acute and chronic EPO treatment on whole-body glucose metabolism and activation of the insulin signaling pathway in skeletal muscle. We found that EPO ameliorates diet-induced glucose

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Rachel Botchlett, Shih-Lung Woo, Mengyang Liu, Ya Pei, Xin Guo, Honggui Li and Chaodong Wu

WAT ( Joffin et al. 2015 ). Increased intake of dietary leucine shows significant effects on preventing diet-induced obesity and modulating insulin signaling and glucose homeostasis within muscles ( Layman & Walker 2006 , Zhang et al. 2007

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Xuefeng Yang, Shuang Mei, Haihua Gu, Huailan Guo, Longying Zha, Junwei Cai, Xuefeng Li, Zhenqi Liu and Wenhong Cao

insulin resistance without insulin. In other words, insulin plays an essential role in converting nutrients into insulin resistance and then T2DM. We have previously shown that blunting insulin signaling can actually prevent the HFD-induced insulin

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R De Matteo, D J Hodgson, T Bianco-Miotto, V Nguyen, J A Owens, R Harding, B J Allison, G Polglase, M J Black and K L Gatford

insulin signalling pathway genes in two key insulin-responsive tissues, skeletal muscle and liver, and would decrease β-cell mass in pancreas of these adult progeny. Because morbidity after preterm birth is worse in males than females ( Liggins & Howie

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Ernane Torres Uchoa, Paula Beatriz Marangon, Rodrigo Rorato, Silvia Graciela Ruginsk, Lucas Kniess Debarba, Jose Antunes-Rodrigues and Lucila L K Elias

hypothalamic neuropeptides ( Schwartz et al. 1992 , Benoit et al. 2002 , Li et al. 2002 , Chan et al. 2005 , Honda et al. 2007 ). On the other hand, it is known that molecules that counter-regulate insulin signaling are more activated or expressed

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Tsun-Jui Liu, Hui-Chin Lai, Chih-Tai Ting and Ping H Wang

regulated FOXO1 through its specific receptor. FOXO transcription factor family is part of the IGF-I/insulin-signaling network in mammalian cells ( Barthel et al. 2005 , Morris et al. 2005 ). How IGF-I/insulin modulates FOXO transcription factors in

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Philip Newsholme, Vinicius Cruzat, Frank Arfuso and Kevin Keane

and a condition normally associated with obesity. Importantly, downstream of β-cell insulin production/release, receptor binding and insulin signalling in target tissues and organs are essential for metabolic responses. Failure to respond adequately to

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Martha Lappas

-DAP (one-way ANOVA). (B and D) The incubation medium was assayed by ELISA for concentration of sICAM1 and sVCAM1. Each bar represents the mean± s.e.m . * P <0.05 vs iE-DAP (one-way ANOVA). The NOD1 ligand iE-DAP impairs insulin signalling in pregnant

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Rubén Marín-Juez, Susanne Jong-Raadsen, Shuxin Yang and Herman P Spaink

immune-related processes ( Fig. 3 ). Among DEGs involved in the insulin signaling pathway, all the genes known to play a central role in this pathway ( insr , irs1 , irs2 , pik3cb , and pdk1 ) appeared to be downregulated at 4 hpi ( Fig. 4 ). In

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Malathi Srinivasan, Paul Mitrani, Gigani Sadhanandan, Catherine Dodds, Suhad Shbeir-ElDika, Shanthie Thamotharan, Hussam Ghanim, Paresh Dandona, Sherin U Devaskar and Mulchand S Patel

signaling was reduced in the hypothalamus of 100-day-old HC rats, protein content of IRS-1, IRS-2, and PI3K, the proximal components of the insulin signaling cascade were determined by western blot analysis in hypothalamic extracts of adult HC rats. As seen