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M E Cleasby, Q Lau, E Polkinghorne, S A Patel, S J Leslie, N Turner, G J Cooney, A Xu and E W Kraegen

resistance To establish whether the APPL1-mediated increase in muscle glycogen storage would be associated with acute increases in insulin-stimulated glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis, rats were subjected to a HEC combined with administration of

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Marco Hatem-Vaquero, Mercedes Griera, Andrea García-Jerez, Alicia Luengo, Julia Álvarez, José A Rubio, Laura Calleros, Diego Rodríguez-Puyol, Manuel Rodríguez-Puyol and Sergio De Frutos

type 2 diabetes, MS and aging, GLUT4 expression is reduced in peripheral tissue, which may play a role in increasing insulin resistance ( Shepherd & Kahn 1999 , Gaster et al. 2001 , Zeyda & Stulnig 2009 ). Moreover, some medical therapies for type 2

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Helena A Walz, Linda Härndahl, Nils Wierup, Emilia Zmuda-Trzebiatowska, Fredrik Svennelid, Vincent C Manganiello, Thorkil Ploug, Frank Sundler, Eva Degerman, Bo Ahrén and Lena Stenson Holst

perturbations. These data show that even a moderate overexpression of β-cell PDE3B impairs insulin secretion ( Härndahl et al. 2004 ). Increased insulin secretion is a prerequisite for preserving glucose tolerance during insulin resistance and it is

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Marina C Muñoz, Jorge F Giani, Marcos A Mayer, Jorge E Toblli, Daniel Turyn and Fernando P Dominici

resistance as well as in certain types of insulin-resistant states in humans ( Li et al . 2002 , Johnston et al . 2003 , Taniguchi et al . 2006 , Youngren 2007 ). IR Ser994 is one of the potential inhibitory sites of the IR kinase as determined by site

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Sergio Di Meo, Susanna Iossa and Paola Venditti

skeletal muscle, mitochondrial impairment and insulin resistance is less strong. Acute elevation in plasma NEFA by fasting in men was found to induce mitochondrial dysfunction in skeletal muscle in the absence of insulin resistance ( Hoeks et al . 2010

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Eva Kassi and Athanasios G Papavassiliou

.e., lower vitamin K – exhibited the largest decrease in insulin secretion, suggesting that vitamin K may play an important role in the acute insulin response in glucose tolerance. In view of a recent report ( Lee et al . 2007 ), according to which

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Jean-Claude Henquin, Myriam Nenquin, Andras Szollosi, Atsutaka Kubosaki and Abner Louis Notkins

-2/IA-2β KO islets) is unlikely to limit an acute secretory response because the latter does not exceed 2–3% of the insulin content over 1 h. Insulin granules are indeed distributed in functionally distinct pools of markedly different sizes ( Rorsman

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Hindrik Mulder

lesions and matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice . Journal of Endocrinology 210 37 – 46 doi:10.1530/JOE-10-0420 . Shoelson SE Herrero L Naaz A 2007 Obesity, inflammation, and insulin resistance

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A J Taylor, J-M Ye and C Schmitz-Peiffer

Introduction Skeletal muscle is an important site of insulin action, accounting for up to 70% of insulin-stimulated glucose disposal, through increased glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis. Insulin resistance in muscle is a major

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Daniela F Bertelli, Andressa Coope, Andrea M Caricilli, Patricia O Prada, Mario J Saad, Licio A Velloso and Eliana P Araujo

into cDNA and employed in real-time PCRs to determine the transcript amount of the 72k-5ptase (B). In C, 8-week old male Wistar rats were anesthetized and acutely treated with a single i.v. dose of insulin (200 μl, 10 −6  M). Specimens of SM and WAT