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Charlotte Lawson, Jose M Vicencio, Derek M Yellon and Sean M Davidson

adjacent photoreceptors, protecting them from oxidative stress ( Sreekumar et al . 2010 ). In a seminal paper, Valadi et al . (2007) , were first to show that exosomes can also transfer mRNA and miRNA between cells. In this study, mast cells were

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Š Jindřichová, J Včelák, P Vlček, M Neradilová, J Němec and B Bendlová

screening is expensive and the families are subjected to extreme psychological stress. It is well documented that germ-line activating point mutations in the rearranged during transfection (RET) proto-oncogene are associated with the pathogenesis

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Hong-Zhi Sun, Tong-Wei Yang, Wei-Jin Zang and Shu-Fang Wu

well known that the NFKB pathway plays an important role in the control of cell growth, differentiation, apoptosis, inflammation, stress response, and many other physiological processes in cellular signaling. The NFKB signaling pathway is also involved

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Catia Martins, Linda M Morgan, Stephen R Bloom and M Denise Robertson

.2 kg/m 2 . The exclusion criteria were as follows: a score of more than 3.5 in the restrained scale of the DEBQ, history of coronary heart disease, type 1 or type 2 diabetes, anaemia, gout, depression or other psychological disorders, eating

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Irit Miller, Hadas Bar-Joseph, Luba Nemerovsky, Ido Ben-Ami and Ruth Shalgi

is a complex disorder associated with reproductive, endocrine, metabolic and psychological features ( Azziz et al. 2016 , Teede et al. 2018 ). One of the major components of PCOS is hyperandrogenism. Accumulating evidence indicates that low

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Jacqueline M Wallace

protein-restricted rats ( Fernandez-Twinn et al. 2003 ). A degree of physiological stress is arguably common to these models and could theoretically impinge on the hypothalamic–pituitary axis promoting prolactin secretion, but intriguingly maternal

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Karla J Suchacki, Fiona Roberts, Andrea Lovdel, Colin Farquharson, Nik M Morton, Vicky E MacRae and William P Cawthorn

altered stresses and strains put on it (e.g. the tennis players serving arm), whereas bone remodelling (maintenance) occurs when the resorbed bone is completely replaced by new bone ( Hadjidakis & Androulakis 2006 ). The regenerative process of a structure

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Campbell J L Harter, Georgia S Kavanagh and Jeremy T Smith

fertility as a consequence of reduced food intake has also been reported in larger animal models; caloric-restricted ewes exhibited reduced LH concentration and reduced FSH secretion ( Thomas et al. 1990 ). Humans with anorexia nervosa, a psychological

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Ferran Jardí, Michaël R Laurent, Vanessa Dubois, Nari Kim, Rougin Khalil, Brigitte Decallonne, Dirk Vanderschueren and Frank Claessens

volitional activity, and therefore do not include preclinical studies using forced exercise capacity tests. Forced treadmill running or swimming require the use of aversive stimuli to motivate the animals, thus inducing a substantial psychological stress

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Xiaoqin Shi, Xinyu Li, Yi Hou, Xuemei Cao, Yuyao Zhang, Heng Wang, Hongyin Wang, Chuan Peng, Jibin Li, Qifu Li, Chaodong Wu and Xiaoqiu Xiao

Liu B Li S Li Y Xing F Chen D Liu X Zhao J 2016 Paternal psychological stress reprograms hepatic gluconeogenesis in offspring . Cell Metabolism 23 735 – 743 . ( doi:10.1016/j.cmet.2016.01.014 ) 10.1016/j.cmet.2016