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Mercedes Lombarte, Brenda L Fina, Maela Lupo, Marília A Buzalaf, and Alfredo Rigalli

heparinized tubes, which were centrifuged at 1400  g and cut at the buffy coat level, and plasma was immediately processed for glucose, insulin and fluoride measurements. IR was evaluated by calculating the homeostasis model assessment–IR (HOMA–IR) index

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C Ortega-González, L Cardoza, B Coutiño, R Hidalgo, G Arteaga-Troncoso, and A Parra

) homeostasis model assesment for insulin-resistance (HOMA-IR)=fasting serum insulin (μU/ml) = fasting serum glucose (mmol/l)/22.5 ( Albareda et al. , 2000 ); (b) insulin sensitivity index (QUICKI)=(1/[log (I 0 )+log (G 0 )]), where I 0 =fasting serum insulin

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Stephanie L Clookey, Rebecca J Welly, Terese M Zidon, Michelle L Gastecki, Makenzie L Woodford, Zachary I Grunewald, Nathan C Winn, Dusti Eaton, Natalia G Karasseva, Harold S Sacks, Jaume Padilla, and Victoria J Vieira-Potter

-specific ELISA (Alpco Diagnostics, Salem, NH, USA). The homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) was used as a surrogate measure of hepatic insulin resistance ((fasting insulin (μU/L) × fasting glucose (mg/dL)/405.1) ( Matthews et al. 1985

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Sivaporn Sivasinprasasn, Siripong Palee, Kenneth Chattipakorn, Thidarat Jaiwongkum, Nattayaporn Apaijai, Wasana Pratchayasakul, Siriporn C Chattipakorn, and Nipon Chattipakorn

, Germany). LDL level was calculated using Friedewald’s formula and HOMA-IR index was calculated from fasting insulin and glucose levels plasma ( Matthews et al. 1985 ). Plasma estradiol concentration was measured using a competitive enzyme immunoassay kit

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Paul Millar, Nupur Pathak, Vadivel Parthsarathy, Anthony J Bjourson, Maurice O’Kane, Varun Pathak, R Charlotte Moffett, Peter R Flatt, and Victor A Gault

plasma/pancreatic insulin determined using modified dextran-coated charcoal RIA ( Flatt & Bailey 1981 ). HOMA-IR and HOMA-β were determined from calculations as described previously ( Gault et al . 2015 ). Lipids (total cholesterol – CH200; and

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Giselle Adriana Abruzzese, Maria Florencia Heber, Silvana Rocio Ferreira, Leandro Martin Velez, Roxana Reynoso, Omar Pedro Pignataro, and Alicia Beatriz Motta

separate groups of 10 female offspring from each group, as described previously ( Demissie et al . 2008 , Amalfi et al . 2012 ). The homeostatic model assessment for IR (HOMA-IR) was determined ( Yan et al . 2013 ). The circulating lipid profile was

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Alessandra Bitto, Domenica Altavilla, Antonio Bonaiuto, Francesca Polito, Letteria Minutoli, Vincenzo Di Stefano, Daniela Giuliani, Salvatore Guarini, Vincenzo Arcoraci, and Francesco Squadrito

insulin RIA kit was used with rat insulin standards and antibodies directed against rat insulin (Linco, St Louis, IL, USA). Assays were conducted in duplicate and the intraassay coefficient of variation was less than 5%. HOMA-IR was calculated using the

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Jay W Porter, Joe L Rowles III, Justin A Fletcher, Terese M Zidon, Nathan C Winn, Leighton T McCabe, Young-Min Park, James W Perfield II, John P Thyfault, R Scott Rector, Jaume Padilla, and Victoria J Vieira-Potter

(HOMA-IR) ( Matthews et al . 1985 ) and AT insulin resistance (Adipo-IR), calculated as fasting NEFA × fasting insulin ( Lomonaco et al . 2012 ), were used to assess insulin resistance. Table 2 Serum values. Variable WT-SED WT

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B Maiztegui, M I Borelli, M A Raschia, H Del Zotto, and J J Gagliardino

et al . 1980 ). IR was assessed with the HOMA-IR index, calculated as insulin (μU/l)×glucose (mmol/l)/22.5 ( Matthews et al . 1985 , Nandhini et al . 2005 ). I.p. glucose tolerance The day before the animals were killed, glucose tolerance was

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Jonathan M Mudry, Julie Massart, Ferenc L M Szekeres, and Anna Krook

/l) 3.24±0.18 2.74±0.28 TG (mmol/l) 1.45±0.33 1.24±0.11 IL6 (pg/ml) 1.54±0.37 2.23±0.51 HOMA-IR 1.97±0.10 3.48±0.30* NGT, normal-glucose tolerant; T2D, type 2 diabetes; SBP, systolic blood pressure; DBP, diastolic blood pressure; FBG, fasting blood