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Nancy H Nabilsi, Russell R Broaddus, Adrienne S McCampbell, Karen H Lu, Henry T Lynch, Lee-may Chen and David S Loose

gene expression is distinct from the other IAPs. Survivin is highly expressed during embryonic and fetal development and is overexpressed in virtually all tumor types ( Ambrosini et al . 1997 , Li & Altieri 1999 , O'Driscoll et al . 2003 ) including

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Wenxia He, Xiangyan Dai, Xiaowen Chen, Jiangyan He and Zhan Yin

expression profiling studies have been carried out using different organs or tissues, but very few studies have addressed questions on the developmental changes in pituitary gene expression due to maturation and somatic growth processing in zebrafish

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K Horiguchi, S Yagi, K Ono, Y Nishiura, M Tanaka, M Ishida and T Harigaya

, Tokyo, Japan) by monitoring absorbance at 260 nm. We assessed PRL gene expression in the tissues by RT-PCR. We synthesized mouse PRL cDNA in 20 μl buffer containing 50 mM Tris–HCl (pH 8.3), 40 mM KCl, 6 mM MgCl 2 , 1 mM DTT, 200 U/μl RNase inhibitor, 200

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Sharon E Mitchell, Ruben Nogueiras, Kellie Rance, D Vernon Rayner, Sharon Wood, Carlos Dieguez and Lynda M Williams

/C and Wistar rats, we have compared the levels of circulating hormones and the gene expression of hypothalamic peptides and receptors important in energy balance in these sub-species. These include: Ob-R (all forms of the leptin receptor), GHS-R, AgRP

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Yi Zhao, Tao Liu, Nina Zhang, Fenghua Yi, Qinghua Wang, Ivan George Fantus and Tianru Jin

synthesis. To clarify the role of Cdx-2 in regulating both glu and insulin gene expression, and the genesis of the hormone-producing cells, we established an ecdysone-inducible Cdx-2 gene expression system. In this report, we show the effect of Cdx-2

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Guoyue Yuan, Xia Chen, Qinyun Ma, Jie Qiao, Rongying Li, Xuesong Li, Shengxian Li, Jinfeng Tang, Libin Zhou, Huaidong Song and Mingdao Chen

level is a cause or an effect of insulin resistance and decreased adiponectin. In the current study, we therefore examined the effect of CRP on adiponectin gene expression and secretion in 3T3-L1 adipocytes in vitro . We demonstrated that CRP

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Sami Dridi, Mohammed Taouis, Arieh Gertler, Eddy Decuypere and Johan Buyse

cerulenin on food intake and SCD gene expression in chicken liver, hypothalamus, and muscle; and finally, to assess whether food deprivation and genetic selection for abdominal fat pad size affect SCD gene expression in these metabolically important

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Kely de Picoli Souza, Francemilson Goulart da Silva and Maria Tereza Nunes

of life in rats and whether the transient postnatal hyperthyroidism alters the GH gene expression permanently in the adult life. We further evaluated, in the adult animals, the possible repercussions of a transient postnatal hyperthyroidism in the

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Chengyuan Lin, Xue Jiang, Mulan He, Ling Zhao, Tao Huang, Zhaoxiang Bian and Anderson O L Wong

growth hormone (GH) secretion and gene expression via cAMP/PKA- and Ca 2+ /CaM-dependent mechanisms ( Sze et al . 2007 ). Given that PACAP nerve fibers were located in the vicinity of carp lactotrophs, this anatomical finding has prompted us to speculate

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Achim Lother, Lisa Deng, Michael Huck, David Fürst, Jessica Kowalski, Jennifer S Esser, Martin Moser, Christoph Bode and Lutz Hein

-3000 (Fujifilm) and analyzed with MultiGauge software (Fujifilm). Gene expression analysis Three days after siRNA transfection, HUVECs were washed with PBS and medium was changed to endothelial cell basal medium (EBM-2) without growth factors