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Vanesa Jiménez-Amilburu, Susanne Jong-Raadsen, Jeroen Bakkers, Herman P Spaink and Rubén Marín-Juez

discovered GLUT named GLUT12 is expressed in the main insulin-sensitive tissues and shares motifs that are known to be important for the regulation of GLUT4 in response to insulin ( Rogers et al . 2002 ). Moreover, Stuart et al . (2009) demonstrated

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Barbara C Fam, Laura J Rose, Rebecca Sgambellone, Zheng Ruan, Joseph Proietto and Sofianos Andrikopoulos

impairment in insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in muscle. Conversely, in the hypertrophied heart, complete GLUT4 ablation leads to significantly reduced glucose uptake. We find that GLUT1 and GLUT12 protein levels were not affected in skeletal muscle and

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Claire E Hills, Paul E Squires and Rosemary Bland

of GLUT1, SGLT1 ( Suzuki et al . 1996 ) and GLUT12 ( Linden et al . 2006 ) on the apical membrane of distal tubules and the collecting duct. It is usually assumed that these cells would not normally be exposed to glucose on this surface, but this is

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S Schmidt, A Hommel, V Gawlik, R Augustin, N Junicke, S Florian, M Richter, D J Walther, D Montag, H-G Joost and A Schürmann

thereafter ( Hogan et al . 1991 , Aghayan et al . 1992 , Carayannopoulos et al . 2004 ). By contrast, GLUT12 has only been detected at the eight-cell stage of the pre-implanted embryo ( Zhou et al . 2004 ). Thus, the trophectodermic GLUT3 appeared the

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Darryl L Hadsell, Walter Olea, Nicole Lawrence, Jessy George, Daniel Torres, Takahashi Kadowaki and Adrian V Lee

, increases also occur in the expression and/or activation of enzymes associated with glucose metabolism such as hexokinase II, Glut 1, Glut 12, and PFK2 ( Sochor et al. 1984 , Kaselonis et al. 1999 , Nemeth et al. 2000 , Macheda et al. 2003