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Lucia Gajdosechova, Katarina Krskova, Ana Belen Segarra, Andrea Spolcova, Maciej Suski, Rafal Olszanecki and Stefan Zorad

et al . 2011 , Morton et al . 2012 , Zhang et al . 2013 ). In vivo physiological levels of circulating oxytocin depend on its synthesis, receptor-mediated internalisation and degradation by oxytocinase. Oxytocinase (cystinyl aminopeptidase, EC 3

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The isolation of an endogenous oxytocin-like substance from the jugular blood of puerperal women has been described by Coch, Fielitz, Brovetto, Cabot, Coda & Fraga (1967) and Brovetto, Olhaberry, Gioia de Coch, Coda, Fielitz, Cabot, Fraga & Coch, (1967).

This communication deals with the estimation of the loss of oxytocin by the action of plasma oxytocinase when using this method.

The inactivation of oxytocin by plasma oxytocinase depends on the day of puerperium, the temperature of the plasma and on the time of contact of the hormone with the plasma.

Most of the samples of blood were extracted between the third and fifth day of the puerperium. They were cooled and centrifuged at 0° and the time elapsed from the beginning of extraction of the sample to the inactivation of the oxytocinase was always less than 20 min. The losses of oxytocin were estimated on the basis of the oxytocinase

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Gareth Leng, Rafael Pineda, Nancy Sabatier and Mike Ludwig

-feedback manner to support parturition. However, by the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s, it was recognised that the plasma of pregnant women contained an enzyme – oxytocinase – that could potently degrade oxytocin and that the levels of oxytocinase

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Rafaela Fadoni Alponti, Patricia Lucio Alves and Paulo Flavio Silveira

Introduction EC protein (IRAP, insulin-regulated aminopeptidase), also known as vp165, GP160 ( Keller 2004 ), placental leucine aminopeptidase (AP) ( Mizutani et al . 2011 ), cystyl AP, oxytocinase ( Rogi et al . 1996 ), and angiotensin