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Xiwen Xiong, Xupeng Sun, Qingzhi Wang, Xinlai Qian, Yang Zhang, Xiaoyan Pan and X Charlie Dong

, whether SIRT6 is involved in β-cell lipotoxicity remains unclear. The aim of this study was to illustrate the role of SIRT6 in palmitate (PA)-induced β-cell dysfunction and apoptosis. Materials and methods Cell culture and treatment MIN6 cells

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Sattar Gorgani-Firuzjaee, Salar Bakhtiyari, Abolfazl Golestani and Reza Meshkani

, we have recently demonstrated that palmitate and an inflammatory state can induce insulin resistance by increasing the expression of protein tyrosine phosphatase non-receptor 1 (PTPN1) in muscle cells ( Bakhtiyari et al . 2010 , Parvaneh et al

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Hong Ma, Jin Yuan, Jinyu Ma, Jie Ding, Weiwei Lin, Xinlei Wang, Mingliang Zhang, Yi Sun, Runze Wu, Chun Liu, Cheng Sun and Yunjuan Gu

palmitate (Cat#P9767) were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich. Animal experiments Six-week-old male C57BL/6J mice (weight, 19 ± 1 g) were provided by the Experimental Animal Center of Nantong University and fed with normal chow diet (NCD) or high-fat diet

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Ji-Eun Kim, Seung Eun Song, Yong-Woon Kim, Jong-Yeon Kim, Sung-Chul Park, Yoon-Ki Park, Suk-Hwan Baek, In Kyu Lee and So-Young Park

a common feature of both poorly controlled type 1 and type 2 diabetes ( Shulman 2000 , Boden & Shulman 2002 ), and is associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome ( Ruderman & Saha 2006 ). One of the most common dietary fatty acids is palmitate

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Kelly D McCall, Dawn Holliday, Eric Dickerson, Brian Wallace, Anthony L Schwartz, Christopher Schwartz, Christopher J Lewis, Leonard D Kohn and Frank L Schwartz

insulin target tissues (liver, muscle and islet cells) and induce insulin resistance ( Kahn & Flier 2000 , Steppan et al . 2001 , Wellen & Hotamisligil 2003 , Lau et al . 2005 ). Excess saturated free fatty acids (FFAs) such as palmitate activate

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José Edgar Nicoletti-Carvalho, Tatiane C Araújo Nogueira, Renata Gorjão, Carla Rodrigues Bromati, Tatiana S Yamanaka, Antonio Carlos Boschero, Licio Augusto Velloso, Rui Curi, Gabriel Forato Anhê and Silvana Bordin

of IL6 to modulate FFA-induced ER stress in pancreatic β-cells. In order to assess this issue, we investigated whether IL6 modulates palmitate (PA)-induced β-cell apoptosis by focusing on IL6 intracellular signaling pathways and the main branches of

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Eleftheria Diakogiannaki, Shalinee Dhayal, Caroline E Childs, Philip C Calder, Hannah J Welters and Noel G Morgan

, Haber et al. 2003 , 2006 , Rhodes 2005 , Azevedo-Martins et al. 2006 ). However, the latter occurs more dramatically during exposure to long-chain saturated FFA (e.g. palmitate (C16:0) or stearate (C18:0)) than in response to either shorter

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T Clark Brelje, Nicholas V Bhagroo, Laurence E Stout and Robert L Sorenson

, Prentki & Nolan 2006 ). Thus, lipids may have a role in modulating islet β-cell function in the latter half of pregnancy. Since palmitate and oleate are among the fatty acids that increase during pregnancy ( Chen et al . 1992 ), we investigated their

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Eleftheria Diakogiannaki, Hannah J Welters and Noel G Morgan

palmitate (C16:0) and stearate (C18:0) are powerfully lipotoxic to pancreatic β-cells, the equivalent monounsaturated molecules (palmitoleate (C16:1) and oleate (C18:1)) are potently cytoprotective under in vitro conditions ( Welters et al . 2004

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Firoozeh Salehzadeh, Anna Rune, Megan Osler and Lubna Al-Khalili

, and CDX (Bicalutamide, AR antagonist) were purchased from Sigma–Aldrich. Charcoal/dextran-treated FBS was from HyClone (Logan, UT, USA). Radioactive reagents ([9–10( n )- 3 H] palmitate was purchased from Amersham or 14 C-palmitate and 14 C