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Gabriel Forn-Cuní, Monica Varela, Conrado M Fernández-Rodríguez, Antonio Figueras and Beatriz Novoa

, TLR2, TLR4, and TLR9 signal through the MyD88 pathway, activate NF-κβ, and result in the production of proinflammatory cytokines and chronic inflammation ( Miura et al . 2013 , Roh & Seki 2013 ). The zebrafish model is becoming a valuable tool for

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Maria Tsachaki, Arne Meyer, Benjamin Weger, Denise V Kratschmar, Janina Tokarz, Jerzy Adamski, Heinz-Georg Belting, Markus Affolter, Thomas Dickmeis and Alex Odermatt

Introduction The zebrafish ( Danio rerio ) has emerged as a powerful model organism to study disease mechanisms and for drug discovery and toxicity assessment ( Stern & Zon 2003 , Hill et al . 2005 , Zon & Peterson 2005 , Rubinstein 2006

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Wenxia He, Xiangyan Dai, Xiaowen Chen, Jiangyan He and Zhan Yin

limitations of the techniques employed in previous transcriptome analyses, global gene profiles of the animal pituitary typically lack comprehensiveness and accuracy. Zebrafish ( Danio rerio ) is one of the commonly used vertebrate model organisms in

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Yuxin Xie, Lianhe Chu, Yun Liu, Kathy W Y Sham, Jianzhen Li and Christopher H K Cheng

, we have successfully established the lhb , fshb , lhr , fshr , lhb;fshb , lhr;fshr and fshb;lhr mutant zebrafish lines ( Liu et al . 2013 , 2014 , Chu et al . 2014 , 2015 ). Using these genetic means, we have analyzed the functions of

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Cuili Wang, Dongteng Liu, Weiting Chen, Wei Ge, Wanshu Hong, Yong Zhu and Shi X Chen

japonica ) demonstrated that DHP induces the entry of male germ cells into meiosis ( Miura et al . 2006 ). Our recent studies in zebrafish showed that DHP treatment increased proliferation and differentiation of early spermatogonial generation ( Chen et

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Rubén Marín-Juez, Susanne Jong-Raadsen, Shuxin Yang and Herman P Spaink

conflicting results compared with the human situation, mainly due to the heterogeneity of the metabolic states where insulin resistance is observed ( Harano et al . 2002 , Kahn 2003 , Steinberger & Daniels 2003 ). The zebrafish ( Danio rerio ) is emerging

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K S Wilson, C S Tucker, E A S Al-Dujaili, M C Holmes, P W F Hadoke, C J Kenyon and M A Denvir

increase or decrease depending on rates of placental transfer of synthetic and endogenous GC hormones. The extent to which endogenous GC production by the foetal and maternal hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axes may also be affected. The zebrafish

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Vanesa Jiménez-Amilburu, Susanne Jong-Raadsen, Jeroen Bakkers, Herman P Spaink and Rubén Marín-Juez

indicate that further in-depth studies on the physiological role of GLUT12 will make important contributions to better understand the connection between heart failure and pathologies impacting the glucose metabolism. In this work, we used zebrafish ( Danio

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Yusuke Kumai, Nicholas J Bernier and Steve F Perry

expression during acclimation of zebrafish to ion-poor water (20-fold dilution of the control water), suggesting a role of the RAS in promoting salt absorption. Despite these studies, the question of whether the RAS promotes salt uptake in freshwater fish

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Raymond W M Kwong and Steve F Perry

Itallie et al . 2001 ). Goldfish and zebrafish claudin-b, and salmon claudin-30, are orthologous to the mammalian claudin-4. In adult zebrafish and salmon, claudin-b/claudin-30 is expressed predominantly in major ion-regulatory organs including gill and