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Anne H van der Spek, Eric Fliers, and Anita Boelen

the immune response ( Boutzios & Kaltsas 2000 , Klein 2006 , De Vito et al . 2011 ), and there is an extensive body of literature available on the effects of TH on various types of innate immune cells ( De Vito et al . 2011 ). However, very few of

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Rebeca Martinez, Kenia Ubieta, Fidel Herrera, Alina Forellat, Reynold Morales, Ania de la Nuez, Rolando Rodriguez, Osvaldo Reyes, Ayme Oliva, and Mario P Estrada

innate immune system of teleosts fish, through studies performed in vitro and in vivo . In this study, we have characterized a chemical decapeptide compound, A233, designed by molecular modeling, which is able to perform the function of a GH peptide

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Ana Patrícia Mateus, Rita A Costa, João C R Cardoso, Karl B Andree, Alicia Estévez, Enric Gisbert, and Deborah M Power

modifications in the number, size and pigment content of aggregates of macrophages, the melanomacrophage centers (MMCs) of the piscine innate immune system ( Fournie et al. 2001 , Agius & Roberts 2003 , De Vico et al. 2008 ), and this is the predominant

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J A Tamblyn, M Hewison, C L Wagner, J N Bulmer, and M D Kilby

( Mehta et al . 2009 , Baeke et al . 2010 ). This has occurred in large because of recent advances in our understanding of how vitamin D interacts with the immune system: it is now clear that vitamin D can influence both the innate and adaptive

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Christopher M Mulligan and Jacob E Friedman

during pregnancy and their impact on the microbiota of both mother and infant, including their links to early gut colonization and innate immunity in the infants that drive an increased risk for common metabolic diseases. Figure 1 Influential

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Rene F Chun, John S Adams, and Martin Hewison

involved in mediating innate immune responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis ( Liu et al . 2006 ). The DNA array analysis of macrophages activated with an M tuberculosis lipoprotein highlighted the induction of mRNA for both the vitamin D receptor (VDR

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James C Needell, Madalyn N Brown, and Danny Zipris

cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in virus-induced disease ( Mordes et al . 2004 ). We recently implicated the innate immune system in the mechanisms of KRV-induced T1D development in the LEW1.WR1 rat ( Zipris et al . 2005 , 2007 , Londono

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Manesh Chittezhath, Cho M M Wai, Vanessa S Y Tay, Minni Chua, Sarah R Langley, and Yusuf Ali

Introduction Toll-like receptor (TLR) proteins provide immediate immune responses and link the innate immunity to the adaptive immunity arm when a more sustained immune response is required ( Akira et al. 2001 ). Yet, TLRs have been shown to

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L E Nicol, W F Grant, S M Comstock, M L Nguyen, M S Smith, K L Grove, and D L Marks

tissue inflammation driven by innate immune responses to longstanding exposure to gluco- and lipotoxicity. Such chronic and ongoing insults manifesting as auto-inflammation are now recognized as part of obesity-related metabolic disease and are associated

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Ke Ke, Ok-Joo Sul, Soo-Wol Chung, Jae-Hee Suh, and Hye-Seon Choi

281287 . ( doi:10.1155/2015/281287 ) 26064999 Dostert C Pétrilli V Van Bruggen R Steele C Mossman BT Tschopp J 2008 Innate immune activation through Nalp3 inflammasome sensing of asbestos and silica . Science 320 674