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Gemma Llauradó, Victòria Ceperuelo-Mallafré, Carme Vilardell, Rafael Simó, Pilar Gil, Albert Cano, Joan Vendrell, and José-Miguel González-Clemente

tissue accumulation of AGEs ( Meerwaldt et al . 2004 ). The gold standard for measuring central AS is aortic pulse wave velocity (aPWV). Higher aPWV is reflective of AS. AGEs have been associated with an increase in aPWV in healthy individuals ( Semba

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Zhenhua Li, Tao Zhang, Hongyan Dai, Guanghui Liu, Haibin Wang, Yingying Sun, Yun Zhang, and Zhiming Ge

-mode recordings obtained were of the left ventricle at the level of the mitral valve in the parasternal view using two-dimensional echocardiographic guidance in both the short- and long-axis views. Pulsed wave Doppler was used to examine mitral diastolic inflow

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E J Agnew, A Garcia-Burgos, R V Richardson, H Manos, A J W Thomson, K Sooy, G Just, N Z M Homer, C M Moran, P J Brunton, G A Gray, and K E Chapman

depth of field view of 20 mm. Pulse-wave Doppler was used to measure blood flow across the mitral valve using the apical four-chamber view. Vevo 770 image analysis software was used to measure and analyse B-mode images and Doppler waveform traces

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Å Tivesten, E Bollano, H C Nyström, C Alexanderson, G Bergström, and A Holmäng

-dimensional short-axis view of the left ventricle at the level between the papillary muscles and mitral valve. This served as a guide for M-mode tracings. By superior angulation in the short-axis view the pulmonary artery was visualized and pulsed-wave Doppler

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Daniel Landau, Chen Chayat, Nili Zucker, Eli Golomb, Channa Yagil, Yoram Yagil, and Yael Segev

in the parasternal view, using two-dimensional echocardiographic guidance in the short-axis view. A pulse-wave Doppler was used to examine mitral diastolic inflow from the apical four chamber view. For each measurement, data from three consecutive

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Åsa Tivesten, Anna Barlind, Kenneth Caidahl, Natalia Klintland, Antonio Cittadini, Claes Ohlsson, and Jörgen Isgaard

. Echocardiography Cardiac ultrasound studies were performed using a commercially available ultrasonograph (ATL, HDI 5000 SonoCT, Philips Ultrasound, Bothell, Seattle, WA, USA) equipped with a 15 MHz linear array transducer. Pulsed-wave Doppler signals (5

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Rachel V Richardson, Emma J Batchen, Adrian J W Thomson, Rowan Darroch, Xinlu Pan, Eva A Rog-Zielinska, Wiktoria Wyrzykowska, Kathleen Scullion, Emad A S Al-Dujaili, Mary E Diaz, Carmel M Moran, Christopher J Kenyon, Gillian A Gray, and Karen E Chapman

temperature was maintained at 37°C and heart rate was maintained at ~450 bpm. Pulse-wave Doppler was used to measure blood flow across the mitral valve chamber using the apical four chamber view. Measurements were collected from the Doppler traces using Vevo

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Daniel M Kelly and T Hugh Jones

-sectional study of older men ( Dockery et al . 2003 a ). This is further supported by the evidence that patients with prostate cancer undergoing ADT develop arterial stiffness within 3 months, as measured by the pulse-wave velocity ( Smith et al . 2001

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Michael Hastings, John S O’Neill, and Elizabeth S Maywood

do not share completely common phases. In long-term slice cultures, there is a spatial order such that gene expression occurs first in the dorsomedial SCN shell and then progresses in a wave, ventrally and laterally ( Yamaguchi et al . 2003 ). Second