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Dong-Xu Han, Chang-Jiang Wang, Xu-Lei Sun, Jian-Bo Liu, Hao Jiang, Yan Gao, Cheng-Zhen Chen, Bao Yuan and Jia-Bao Zhang

effects of circRNAs on reproductive hormones in rats is limited. In this study, we systematically investigated the circRNA content in the immature (D15) and mature (D120) rat anterior pituitary using the Illumina platform. Our findings will provide a

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Marlise Guerrero Schimpf, María M Milesi, Enrique H Luque and Jorgelina Varayoud

low dose (2 mg/kg of body weight (bw)/day) of a GBH during the first postnatal days (PND) alters the development of the rat uterus by affecting uterine morphology and the expression of proteins that regulate uterine organogenetic differentiation during

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Sjoerd D Joustra, Onno C Meijer, Charlotte A Heinen, Isabel M Mol, El Houari Laghmani, Rozemarijn M A Sengers, Gabriela Carreno, A S Paul van Trotsenburg, Nienke R Biermasz, Daniel J Bernard, Jan M Wit, Wilma Oostdijk, Ans M M van Pelt, Geert Hamer and Gerry T M Wagenaar

temporal patterns of IGSF1 protein and mRNA expression in the rat. Materials and methods Animals The research protocol was approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees of the Leiden University Medical Center and the Academic Medical Center

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Martina Holubová, Jana Zemenová, Barbora Mikulášková, Vladimíra Panajotova, Jiří Stöhr, Martin Haluzík, Jaroslav Kuneš, Blanka Železná and Lenka Maletínská

standard diet. In addition to the DIO rat model, the Zucker diabetic rat model, which is a model with impaired leptin receptor signaling ( Fellmann et al . 2013 ), is frequently used for studying the potential of anti-obesity and anti-diabetic peptidic

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E M de Vries, H C van Beeren, M T Ackermans, A Kalsbeek, E Fliers and A Boelen

TH metabolism in the rat liver. Besides an enhanced metabolism of TH in peripheral tissues via altered deiodinases, sequestration of TH in tissues is also suggested to play a role in the decreased serum TH concentrations. In order to enter the

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Emily Panagiotidou, Sophia Zerva, Dimitra J Mitsiou, Michael N Alexis and Efthymia Kitraki

according to a split litter design. In some groups, more than one rat of the same sex and the same litter was included and this was taken into consideration for statistical analyses (litter effect). Four to six animals per group were killed by decapitation

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Nathalie Marissal-Arvy, Rachel Hamiani, Emmanuel Richard, Marie-Pierre Moisan and Véronique Pallet

from cholesterol by vitamin A deficiency in rat adrenals ( Juneja et al . 1966 ). Furthermore, RA treatment was shown to inhibit corticosterone (CORT) production in experimental Cushing's syndrome ( Paez-Pereda et al . 2001 ). The inhibitory effect of

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Ivana Vaněčková, Lenka Maletínská, Michal Behuliak, Veronika Nagelová, Josef Zicha and Jaroslav Kuneš

would also like to discuss some information about epigenetic inheritance, which should partially explain the gene–environment interaction. Rat models of obesity and hypertension Animal models are essential to understand the pathophysiology of human

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Duarte Pignatelli, Fang Xiao, Alexandra M Gouveia, Jorge G Ferreira and Gavin P Vinson

steroidogenic enzymes (such as 17,20 lyase) resulting from the increase in adrenal size, with no specific physiological significance. In the rat, CYP17 has been generally considered to be absent from the adrenal cortex ( Van Weerden et al. 1992

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Rob H P Hilgers, Suzanne Oparil, Wout Wouters and Herjan J T Coelingh Bennink

, this study was designed to study the in vitro vasorelaxing effects of E 4 and to compare them with those of E 2 . The objectives of this study were 1) to determine the ex vivo relaxing effects of E 4 compared to E 2 in rat uterine, thoracic