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The mammogenic potency of miroestrol, an oestrogenic substance isolated from the tuberous roots of the leguminous plant Pueraria mirifica, was estimated as 0·70 (with 5% fiducial limits of 0·40 and 1·18) relative to oestradiol in the ovariectomized rat, and as 2·2 (with 5% fiducial limits of 1·2 and 4·9) relative to oestrone in the mouse. The effects of miroestrol on the body weight and weights of the endocrine glands, with the exception of the thyroid in the rat, were qualitatively similar to those of oestradiol and oestrone. In the rat oestradiol (0·1 μg/day) inhibited the increase both in body weight and thyroid weight that occurred after ovariectomy, whereas miroestrol (0·1 μg/day) inhibited only the increase in body weight.


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