in Journal of Endocrinology
Authors: A. SHARAF and S. A. R. NIGM
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In view of the widespread use of pomegranate seeds for therapeutic purposes it was decided to study the oestrogenic activity of pomegranate seed oil, which has not been investigated previously.

The oestrogenic effect of the oil was tested in immature rabbits by the uterine weight method and in ovariectomized mice by the vaginal smear technique. The results were evaluated by the method of Robson (1938). Immature rabbits were injected with the pomegranate seed oil daily for 10 days, killed without anaesthesia and their uteri weighed. Mature albino mice, weighing about 35g. were ovariectomized, injected with the oil in the morning and evening of two consecutive days. Four smears were taken: the first in the evening of the day after the last injection, the second and third in the morning and evening of the day after, and the 4th in the morning of the following day. Smears were regarded as positive


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